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one organic success story
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Published: 9 years ago

one organic success story

Hello All and Good luck on the fight for your health!

I wanted to share somethings that I have been doing that has caused IMMENSE relief and success. I do realize that I am not completely CURED, but the load has been lifted 70% and that is AMAZING to where I started when I made my initial posts on this site.

I am going to share my regimen and hopefully you can take some things and use them in your arsenal as well.

FIRST THING is DIET CHANGE. No amount of herbs or medications are going to eradicate a systemic infection of parasites. It may "control" or "lessen" but it will not stop the entire cycles nor will it heal the damage done to the body. As long as we FEED THEM, they will manage a way to survive.

parasites eat SUGAR. BREAD PASTA CANDIES SODAS JUICES and ALL processed foods MUST be eliminated. I know its HARD, and the cravings can get UNBEARABLE. Even when I knew what I was up against, I would sometimes give into the cravings AGAINST MY OWN WILL, and just feel ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE ABOUT IT. We were meant to eat FOOD FROM THE EARTH, if it doesnt come from the EARTH, you shouldnt eat it. After some time you will start to CRAVE these foods! Best is RAW ORGANIC of course, look up some raw recipes out there, they are rather yummy! Not only will you FEEL better, your body will be getting the nutrition it needs to HEAL. You will also lose weight! I lost 25 lbs in 3 months! :)

Try to make your ENTIRE DIET as anti parasitic as possible. For example, add raw garlic and onions to food dishes, drink ginger teas, garlic/lemon teas, acv/cayene/honey teas. Add cayenne to food, eat garlic/onion/cayenne/veggie soups, make smoothies that contain fresh clove, papaya seeds and pineapple, use ORGANIC Sea Salt S, not table salt s or refined sugars, add coconut shreds and pumpkin seeds to foods etc...

Add PROBIOTICS to your diet and find ways to REBALANCE intestinal flora.

SECOND is DETOX. Find your preferred method of detoxing the body of old waste in the colon perhaps colonics and supplements and herbs, drink LOTS OF WATER. One GREAT thing to do is epsom salt/ food grade hydrogen peroxide baths! Add some essential oils. I use eucalyptus and MYRHH because they are very anti parasitic.

NOTHING made me feel as good as doing colonic and ENEMAS. There are many recipes for enemas, I prefer the food grade hydrogen peroxide, coffee and acv/salt, eucalyptus oil! (Not all together). You will see some scary looking things come out! I had piles of candida blobs, worms and stringy nest looking things come out on a normal basis (and still do!) and felt IMMEDIATE relief. I was battling CHRONIC FATIGUE FOR YEARS, and this is the only thing that started me on my path to feeling ALIVE.

Also we should ELIMINATE COMPLETELY ALL CHEMICALS WHICH MAKE THE BODIES TOXIC!!! This means making a total life change and using only natural derived and organic SOAPS, DISHWASHING SOAPS, CLEANERS, MAKEUP, PERFUMES, SUN SCREENS, ETC! I have completely eliminated all chemicals and now the smell of chemicals makes me feel ill because im not "used to them". Hulda Clark states that Isopropyl ACTUALLY causes the eggs of parasites to HATCH! And this is found in ALL commercial products. TRUST ME it may seem daunting, but there is a healthy alternative to EVERYTHING!

FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE THERAPY HAS HELPED MANY MANY PEOPLE! When Im feeling especially sluggish, tired and depressed it wakes me right up! I should take it more often but the taste is just terrible. Start on a few drops twice a day and work your way up to 10 drops over a month, or how ever long you feel like your body can handle it. It OXYGENATES THE BODY and parasites are ANEROBIC which means they CAN NOT live in an OXYGEN RICH environment. ALso don't forget to BREATH deeply and slowly throghout the day taking FULL deep breaths. Doing YOGA can help with this and gives MUCH RELIEF.

HAVING MERCURY Amalgams REMOVED IS A MUST! The mercury stores in the organs allows parasites and bacteriums to flourish. Also causes another whole range of health problems. I KNOW its "safe" by the ADA, BUT so is all the chemicals in the food by the FDA, and they cause cancers and diseases.

SUPPLEMENTS such as 5http to help depression, VITAMIN C to help detox and heal, VITAMIN B for ENERGY and GABA for anxiety. I prefer the SOLGAR brand in glass bottles. High does of GABA and are also known to slow down parasitic movement. L-arginine/ a-ornthine to help break down the dead parasites.

We must understand that most parasites originate from the intestines! Though there may be scattering, if we concentrate on killing the nests, we will get MUCH relief.

This can be done in many ways and here are some things that helped for me:

COCONUT OIL- some people may not be able to stomach it, sometimes it makes me feel VERY ill for 30 minutes, my stomach bubbles and gurgles (a good sign!) and later i pass a toilet bowl full of creatures and candida blobs. also helps with constipation.

oRGANIC SHREDDED COCONUT is MUCH easier to stomach and much yummier. Eat a cup of this on an empty stomach morning or night, with LOTS OF WATER, followed by epsom salt. See what you get in the morning!

PUMPKIN SEEDS are great as well, I mix them in with coconut shreds in the morning on an empty stomach. Try to eat a cup of these as well daily. Pumpkin seed oil is known to IMMOBILIZE parasites, so I would do half a shot glass full of it with essential oils as listed below.


What REALLY HELPED are organic ESSENTIAL OILS! Do some research these are amazing and helped remove MOST of my creatures. 3x a day take this concoction of pumpkin seed oil, black seed oil (should also be rubbed on the belly nightly), MYRHH, NEEM OIL, SAGE, OREGANO OIL, CLOVE OIL. It MIGHT make you feel woosy and your stomach will defiantly BUBBLE but these are some of the most anti-parasitic oils available in nature. After this I expelled so many large creatures I was so happy! :) and my scattering was lessened by 70%!

REMEDIES: I used to feel much scattering to the head, up the back, in the neck. I realized that the skin ABSORBS everything we put on it, so why not fight them topically as well. Upon applying EUCALYPTUS OIL on my scalp, neck and back, I would literally feel them migrate downwards. Be careful, it MAY burn (im used to it) so I would suggest slightly diluting it with coconut oil.

Also, I would feel much microscopic bugs crawling out of my scalp and crawling down to the rest of my body. One remedy for this is eucalyptus/coconut oil rubbed all over, OR ETHANOL! Everclear is the brand I use, and it is extremely anti microbial and super germ killing!
(I use it slightly diluted in a spray bottle spraying on scalp and skin and also to clean everything from windows, disinfect furniture, hands, bathroom and toilet, enema equipment etc)

IN extreme instances, I would feel microscopic things crawling in my nose and eyes and it would itch like crazy! I would mist the diluted everclear into the air and inhale or, or even spray some on a cloth and inhale deeply. This would stop the maddening itching immediately. Caution, temporarily stings, but to me the relief was much more important. Or I would actually put coconut oil in my tear ducts with a qtip that would help a lot.

For THROAT INFECTIONS spraying slightly diluted (or not) APPLE CIDER VINEGAR directly on to the back of the throat. Burns a little, but the relief is great! (or drink hot water with acv and or cayenne and honey for soothing effect), keep Iodine rubbed on throat, neck and wrists. Be careful, it stains. Colloidal Silver is great alternative as well for all types of infections. Doesnt taste bad either. Just put on affected area a few times per day and voila.

For EAR INFECTIONS I would drop warm coconut oil into the ears as many times a day as possible. Lay on the side and pull on the earlobes for it to go in. Put some at night secured with a cotton ball in the ear. Also letting a crushed glove of garlic sit in olive oil over night and putting that in as well. I would also apply Iodine all over neck, under ears on lymph nodes and on wrists. Also, boil water and garlic lightly in a small tea kettle or something similar, place a cloth over the opening and rest the ear onto the opening. Do this for as long as needed.

GARLIC!!! This is one of THE BEST killers of parasites, bacterias and fungus's like candida. Now I was desperate at one point, so I went for desperate measures. When I would feel an extreme crawling in throat and ears, I would SLOWLY CHEW on a piece of garlic. This is EXTREME and should not be tried by the faint of heart. My whole head would burn and I would feel squirming and moving, then NOTHING. It doesnt HURT, it just feels VERY UNCOMFORTABLE for about 6-10 minutes.

AN EASIER WAY is to make a small salad such as avocado, tomatoes, raw onion, cilantro, olive oil and lemon and cut 4-6 cloves of garlic and chew them deliberately and slowly so that garlic oil gets into the blood system of the head.

A great way to put garlic into the system is one of two ways: If you feel things moving around your stomach I would suggest taking a large shot glass full of PUMPKIN SEED OIL. (it may make you feel nauseated, but we are trying to cure something much worse). Followed by 4 garlic cloves put in a blender with water and lemon 20 minutes later. You MAY feel temporarily sick, DRINK WATER if your stomach burns. Sit down, breathe and see what you get after that! (CAUTION!!!! IF YOU ARE NOT USED TO TAKING GARLIC ON A NORMAL BASIS, PLEASE START WITH A LOW DOSAGE! IT MAY CAUSE YOUR BODY TO GO INTO A SHock. BUILD UP TO IT THOUGH, ITS AMAZING!)

OR if you are not used to garlic the way I am, make a garlic smoothie and drink it after the pumpkin seed oil. Avacado, lemon, a chunk of raw onions, cilantro, tomato and a few garlic cloves. The fresher the garlic the more potent. You might have to play with the quantities to get it to your liking. Add some salt, it tastes great!


BEING CLEAN IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! OR YOU WILL REINFECT YOURSELF DAILY. CONTINUOUSLY Spray all furniture, clothes, dishes, hands, TOOTHBRUSH, BEDDING, DOOR HANDLES, KEYBOARD, PHONE, under nails, EVERYTHING with the everclear solution a few times a day to kill microbes, eggs and larva. I got this idea from Hula Clarks book " The Cure For All Diseases ".

EXERCISE is often overlooked in this whole process, but it is MOST IMPORTANT! You NEED to get that blood flowing, that heart pumping and SWEATING. It helps eliviate tension, depression, and TOXINS! It also helps the body become stronger and more able to fight! Try to do some kind of cardio at least 20 minutes everyday; jump roping, jogging, stair climbing, elliptical...

Saunas are great as well for sweating and removing toxins!


One thing that crippled me DEEPLY in the beginning was FEAR of the stirrings which would make my condition much worse, causing even more stress on the body when they would occur. I would feel extreme anxiety, stress, Depression and even suicidal thoughts. I kept thinking that I would never get better and I would lay around sulking and hating life. I am spiritual but even if you are not, praying or meditating or even just POSITIVE THINKING will help change your life. How can you fight something and win if you are convinced that you wont? Eradicate the fear of these creatures, tell yourself daily that they are JUST BUGS and KNOW that you WILL get better. It took me 6 MONTHS until now to get where I am today, BUT IVE NEVER FELT BETTER. It TAKES TIME. It is not something that happens over night! Just stick with your regime and you WILL see RESULTS and you will change your life!

Consider yourself fighting a disease, because systemic parasitic infestations ARE diseases and CAUSE diseases. It may seem silly but you can even talk to your parasites on a normal basis telling them they are not welcome and that it is time for them to go. Talk to your body and tell yourself you are strong and you can do this! You CAN do this! Your MIND is one of the MOST POWERFUL weapons that you have!

REMEMBER to LAUGH and do things that give you HAPPINESS and try not to OBSESS or think too much about your condition. Just think about it at the right times and then push the thoughts out of the way if they are causing anxiety. I wasnt able to begin to heal until i ACCEPTED my condition and stopped asking WHY or HOW!? INstead,accepting and finding PEACE and just KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!



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