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Re: Anyone know any good IV chelation doctors in maryland/dc area?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Anyone know any good IV chelation doctors in maryland/dc area?

== my reply is inline below.

I'm 22 years old and have many health issues. Extreme fatigue, digestion completely screwed up, orthastatic intolerance, hypoglycemia hormones screwed up (never get periods

== Ever get your pregnenolone tested?

, sleep problems, low cortisol levels at every level of adrenal saliva test and tested to be slightly hypothyroid and have a ton more problems leaving me to the point I can barely function and spend all my time in bed. My health has been declining dramatically the past 6 or so years of my life.

== You'll see similar symptom lists appended to the hair tests at this site used by the Heavy Metal(HM) groups.

I have tested positive for an acute infection of lyme disease on two occasions, but also negative on two occasions.

== I had the typical red-bullseye on my chest around the time of my life--late 20's--when my health started to spiral downward. For over a decade after I assumed my lingering health problems were due to unresolved aspects of Lyme. Now after I responded well to detox, I think my body was handling detox reasonably well until it also had to handle Lyme.

The doctor I go to now decided to treat me for lyme with megadoses of Antibiotics .

== Seems reasonable.

This is my second week on it, my stomach problems which were already severe are now even worse my bowels are just complete undigested mush (sorry for tmi) and I've vomited several times. I also have pain under my right rib cage, where my liver is.

== I hope you've informed your doctor. You might also look into liver support supplements, including milk thistle, and probably support for glutathione and sulfate ( I don't know which liver pathway(s) your medication needs for detox ). I assume this will include vitamin C several times per day.

I take probiotics too but they don't seem to help...

== My doctor encourages me to take high dose probiotics after taking Antibiotics .

Anyways I'm not sure if I have lyme disease or am actually mercury toxic. Maybe both?

== There is no reason they both could not be involved. Also Hg fouls up the immune system, the digestive tract and so many other parts of the body.

I have had problems since i was born honestly, extreme socialization problems never spoke to anyone cuz i had such bad social anxiety and ocd all throughout middle school and obsessions.

== A number of adults in the heavy metal groups get gains in this area! I am one! Please remain hopeful. You are so young!

My mom had 20+ mercury filings put in before she got pregnant with me and I believe I might be mercury toxic.

== You--and your mom--are not alone. Check out this post by a doctor who is also mother of a son who thankfully responded well to frequent dose oral chelation.

However I don't know how to find out.

== It is so hard to know with certainty. The Hg holds on rather tightly to some very vulnerable parts of the body. That Hg is not going to show up in a test. You might check out the youtube videos by Boyd Haley, former chair of the chem dept at the U of KY.

== Haley as well as A. Cutler think porphyrins test can be useful; however it has a high risk for false positives. Mine was negative even though I got major gains from detox.

== A. Cutler's theory is that even though mercury(Hg) in the hair is typically low in people who have a serious Hg problem; Hg also fouls up the movement--transport--of many elements in the body. This often results in statistically strange looking hair test results. This is the strange looking hair test from the teen at the link above.

== when I was at your stage of the learning process I was very frustrated by the crappy heavy metal testing options we currently have--short of an autopsy!

My doctor now is insistent on Antibiotics and he won't test for heavy metals.

== Many doctors don't want to treat possible heavy metal problems. Remember they are for-profit business people. We often have to bounce around to find a doctor who will work with us. The doctor/mom from the previous paragraph discusses this with A. Cutler.

How do I find a doctor who will and does chelation therapy?

== Consider a doctor who is a member of the institute for Functional Medicine. They are semi-natural doctors who are taught to be more open minded about such things. A close female friend and I are both using functional medicine doctors that we like. More on FM doctor from Dr Mark Hyman. In his book, UltraMind Solution he writes that he went to TEN other doctors before someone realized he had a heavy metal problem!

You can search for a local FM doctor

I have heard IV chelation works good and I think it may be a better treatment for me than antiobitics which I'm scared will completely destroy my gut.

== The short term suffering from short-term abx might be a reasonable course of action. You'll have plenty of time for detox after it.

I live in Maryland... I have tried searching google many times for Chelation doctors but can't seem to find any in the area. And also don't want to waste money on someone who isn't good.

== My close female friend and I decided on the conservative Cutler protocol. You just need a doctor to monitor you and write the prescription for oral DMPS. It is not NEARLY as expensive as IV chelation so you don't have to be a TV star to afford it! If you type up a request for 5mg oral DMPS that you plan to take every 8 hrs for a long weekend along with plenty of vitamin C and E (antioxidants), I bet the doctor will be okay with it. ( I hope you don't have any "silver" Amalgam (50% mercury) fillings).

== It seems that some people are very sensitive to kicking up the heavy metals. IV chelation is like trying to dust your dining room furniture with a leaf blower! In contrast, when you use low, frequent dose oral chelation, you adjust your dose based on what *your* body can tolerate at that time. This is so important for those who don't have much support around them and have severe Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome or psych symptoms. Who will catch you if the treatment is too aggressive? This is one big reason I like small 5mg doses of DMPS in very sick people.

If anyone has any recommendations that would be great! Also if there are any doctors that do both lyme and heavy metals that would be great too.

== Yes FM doctors will treat both, they are holistic in their approach. they also seem to love to treat digestive tract issues that are so common among women in heavy metal groups.

And preferable if they weren't too expensive.

== FM and natural doctors will want a long, expensive introductory visit that may cost $350 or more. You'll almost certainly be given a questionaire that will help the doctor to understand your many symptoms and your medical history. Remember these doctors are medical detectives. They don't quickly write a scr1pt for medicine after a 10 minute visit! They won't likely be covered by insurance.

== atb

== Joe

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