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Re: Adrenal Fatigue and liver flush? Edited
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Adrenal Fatigue and liver flush? Edited

Well one thing is certain. Insomnia is not caused by a lack of pharmaceutical drugs.

People withdraw cold turkey from everything under the sun. My good friend went cold turkey off celexa so I know it can be done. The OP did an ad hoc Liver Flush and slept well. Why is that so hard for you to get? Are you somehow opposed to having a clean liver?

I have friends who withdrew cold turkey from H. It's mind over matter and it then it's over.

So the OP is taking meds for sleeping problems. The problem goes away from one liver expulsion and now you are willfully ignoring this and recommending to 'taper slowly over 12 months'. I could maybe maybe possibly see your point if she hadn't pointed out the relation between her sleeping well and the liver flush. But you are so myopic that all you can do is try to drag people down into your (proven-not-to-work) gaba receptor theories and endless tapering of poison that does not belong in a human body.

It's too dangerous to actually take notice of something that actually worked for her, pursue it and then probably have her get even more healthy? Best to keep poisoning the system?

If I wanted to devote time and energy to useless endeavors like learning which pharmaceutical medication is most toxic, for sure I am capable. I don't really see the point you're trying to make here. Have you somehow elevated yourself? When your med protocol starts working out then we can talk, but so far you bring nothing to the table as far as helping people. If you're here for support, that's fine, just don't puff up like you know anything whatsoever about anything relevant to natural health.

Reminding the op that I had this problem and solved it with some diet changes, liver flushes, and parasites cleansing.

I hope you can think clearly enough to see through the b.s. here and take notice that your body self-corrected relatively easily and what you need to do is milk that puppy more, not retreat and keep poisoning yourself.

Please do read my history and read other people's history. Take note that my problem is solved, and the person who is trying to persuade you into the path of sickness and addiction is still flapping in the breeze. There are scores of other people on curezone who have done amazing things with Liver Flushes and the other cleansing protocols.

I will add that on curezone it is not the status quo to keep people on medications. There are a sellect few people who have coopted some forums due to their own frustration at not being healed. I understand the frustration, but it is not an excuse to lead others down the path of misery.

Cleaning your liver out is an absolute must to achieve health.

When this is done your adrenals will take leaps and bounds if they are not already healed by then.

Don't take my word for it, go talk to the countless other people who are having great success in the Liver Flush Forum , Natural healing forum, any forum where people do coffee enemas, parasite cleansing, nutritional balancing forum, Iodine forum, Candida Forum s. You will see very quickly that my suggestions are the norm and the very few people who are STILL QUITE SICK THEMSELVES don't know anything about anything. Extra care must be taken with adrenal fatigue, but all the same general health principles apply.

When I was learning about natural health my inclination was to keep my mouth shut and ears open in the hopes that I might learn something useful. It took a while but eventually I learned what I needed to to solve my problems. It seems that younger people today are somehow immune to this and they were born knowing everything about everything. Not coincidentally, they are medicated to the hilt, living with mommy, and have settled for below average life quality.


p.s.glutathione and milk thistle are not liver cleansers.


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