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Please help - suspected bad infestation
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Published: 8 years ago

Please help - suspected bad infestation

Hello everyone

Firstly, thank goodness for a forum like this. The creators have my utmost respect. I have been reading various posts for a while, but over a week on since i started taking medication and changing my diet. my symptoms have not improved much. (only some of the gut ache has gone).

It all started about a week or so ago when I passed a worm in my stool. It looked almost like a beanshoot but it was fairly long, tailing out of my stool. About 3 inches, perhaps longer, as the rest may have been run into the stool itself. (It was dead of course as it was in the water). It seemed to curl back on itself as well.

I went straight to the pharmacy the next day to get the standard 100mg mebendazole tablets. I also ate a big bag of pumpkin seeds. 24 hours later I went to the bathroom and expected to see a number of dead worms in my stool, but there was nothing. So presumably, the medicine had had no effect.

Since then, I have been taking one x 100mg tablet morning, and one 100mg evening every day since. I have also been eating a lot of raw carrots, pumpkin seeds and loads of raw garlic. Last couple of days I have literally eaten about 2 big cloves, 3 times a day.

I have been going to the bathroom fairly regularly, though the sudden change of diet caused me to be a bit constipated at first. After numerous more stools with seemingly no worms, today I finally passed one that had the same type of worm in it as a week ago. I tried to dig it out and put it in a box to take to my gp but in doing so I lost the stool in the toilet bowl (Im sorry this is so graphic and disgusting).

Anyway, so here I am, with the same abdominal, groin discomfort I have had for over a month now. (I have had itching probably 3 months but I didn't put 2 and 2 together). One night, I felt so ill and dizzy that I went to A & E - where they found nothing wrong with me. I realise now the dizziness was likely caused by the parasites.

I am therefore still having all the signs and symptoms. Flatulence, waking in the night, itching night and parts of the day, crawling sensation in bowel, abdominal pains which move around, occcasional isolated heart palpitations.

I am going to go back to my gp tomorrow, but I still don't have a stool sample.

I would most grateful if you could help:

i) by suggesting what kind of worm I might have

ii) based on what i might have, what can I do now? Do i need to be prescribed albendazole by my doctor?

iii) Should I literally not eat anything that the parasite would remotely like? Or is it ok to eat what I want, provided I take a big shot of raw garlic with each meal?

iv) Do heart palpitations and tiredness indicate a die-off or the opposite? (So I know when I'm doing something right.

I really want my health back! I do have a photo of the last stool I passed with the worm, which I could post, but I imagine that would not be appropriate?!

Thank you so much for reading and for any comments or advice you can give.

Yours hopefully


(In the U.K.)


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