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Seeking advice - Think I have discovered the missing link and dont know where to start

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ohdearme Views: 3,223
Published: 8 years ago

Seeking advice - Think I have discovered the missing link and dont know where to start

I am 31 and have had so many health problems the past few years of my life but the last 2 have been particularly bad. I was being treated for Lyme disease, Adrenal Fatigue/Hypothyroidism and Candida for about a year, and although I showed a lot of improvement (reduced brain fog, ability to move my joints again, regular BMs, etc) I did not feel healthy overall. I lost too much weight/muscle mass, felt generally "ill" and rarely had any energy to do anything. I moved to Europe last Winter and felt that my candida problem was finally under control. I re-introduced many foods into my diet and immediately felt my strength and energy improve. While my health was not perfect, it was pretty steady for about 7 months, and I was enjoying life. Over the past few months things have started to go downhill again. I am working on getting health coverage in my new country but for now I do not have a doctor and feel it will take a long time to find one that understands my problem well.

2 weeks ago something dawned on me - an issue that none of my doctors has addressed over the past few years is the pain in one of my upper molars. I have always suspected it was a relevant symptom but it is disregarded every time. I have finally noticed an undeniable link to some of my other symptoms. Last week my molar was hurting a lot. This pain has been coming and going for about 5 years now. I had an Amalgam filling in it which cracked and then partially fell out about 6 years ago. It took me about 6 months to get to a dentist to repair it. They did a root canal on it. However the pain never went away. I went back to the same dentist twice - they checked it and said it was fine. The pain went away shortly after so I thought it was just recovery pain or something. But since then it has come and gone. Often I will get food stuck between that tooth and the next and it hurts A LOT in those moments. I floss it after anything I eat - sometimes 6 times a day to keep it clear. Some days I notice a headache that is related to it though, which can last all day. 2 weekd ago I got one of those headaches and worried I was getting an infection. I put 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract in 1/2 C of water and swished it around my mouth for less than a minute and then spat it out.

The next day I could barely get out of bed! For the rest of the week I am almost positive I was experiencing severe herxing. All of the symptoms I had previously been very familiar with(and had associated with Lyme/Adrenal Fatigue/Candida) came about - joint pain, brain fog, digestive issues...And all of the symptoms that had recently been getting bad, got worse - severe acne, burning face, itchy scalp, itchy ears, yeast infection, crawling sensations on my face, discharge from eyes at night, etc.

I suspect that heavy metal toxicity is one of my problems and is linked to all of the rest. Or is it that parasites are living in my bone cavity? I think that no matter what I do, if this issue is not resolved I will not be healthy again. However, I also suspect that my lymphatic system is blocked (quadruple cysts will appear on both the right and left sides of the front and back of my neck when I am feeling my worst). I am worried about my liver as I have not paid any attention to it in all of this. It seems all of my systems are out of balance and I don't know where to begin my healing.

As soon as I receive my documents from the government, I will be making an appointment to extract my molar but I am afraid that will not solve my problem. Until I can speak with a dentist/doctor I am looking for ways to support my body. The joint pain and brain fog are mostly gone but I am afraid to orally ingest Grapefruit-Seed-Extract or any type of anti-fungal again right now. I significantly reduced my gluten/wheat intake, no sugar, and started taking O'Donnell's Flora Balance, which seems to have helped with my digestive issues A LOT already. I am still struggling the most with Acne and itchiness.

Is it safe to start with a liver flush? Focus on candida? parasite cleanse? Can you rid your body of metal toxicity safely at home?

I would appreciate any advice anyone is willing to offer.


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