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Candida & Allergies - Help!
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Published: 7 years ago

Candida & Allergies - Help!

Over the last six months I've been having severe bloating and heart burn, with abdominal pain, increasing occurrences of nausia, brain fog, back pain, sinus headaches. I also have eczema, oral thrush, and fungus in my toenails, which makes me believe that all of this is somehow fungus related. I also have acne, athete's foot, and feel generally unwell. There is never a moment of the day I'm not in pain. While looking at the candida symptom list, I match many symptoms. I also have enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and under my chin, which are concerning.

The most concerning thing I have is constant abdominal bloating. It seems like I'm always bloated, except the few minutes after waking up. I start bloating and hiccuping after waking, even without having not eaten anything 12 hours prior. If I drink water, I'm hiccuping and bloating. If I eat a plain piece of chicken all by itself, I'm having some sort of a reaction. Milk gives me the biggest reaction, with a lot of heart burn, and so I'm trying to stay away from that.

I've taken numerous blood tests(Standard WBC, RBC, Platelet several times between Oct 2013 and Jan 2014), a liver panel (Oct 2013), a pancreas enzyme test (Jan 2014), which all came out normal. I've also done a colonoscopy, an endoscopy, which came out normal as well. A normal Hydrogen Breath Test. I was prescribed Rifaximin for suspected SIBO, but that hasn't seemed to help with any of my GI issues. I basically diagnosed myself with candida. I did to the spit test, and it floated to the top and I saw a lot of mucousal arms. I'm planning on asking my doctor to do the candida antibody test for confirmation

For the last few days I've been taking a high quality Wild Mediterranean Orageno Oil (4 drops tree times a day) and I'm noticing that my brain fog has cleared, and I'm feeling a lot more energy. I seem to get more energy about 20 minutes after taking the Orageno. However, I'm still very bloated and I've recently been feeling more and more mild-moderate pain below my right rib cage, in my upper right abdominal quadrant. I've had pain in that area for a while, but it hasn't really been a focal point with the other intestinal bloating pains and burning. There is also some pain on the left side. But I don't know if it's intestinal.

I suspect it's my liver and would like to take something to cleanse it. I've heard about Milk Thistle and Dandilion, but after several allergy tests, it seems like I'm allergic to a lot of things. Milk Thistle and Dandilion are in the ragweed family, for example. Apparently I'm allergic to "Short Ragweed" from my blood test.

Here is a full list of my allergies:

Blood Test

Aspergillus Fumigatus

Rast Allergies:
Cat Epithelium
Cow Dander
Dog Hair/Dander
Greer House Dust
Bermuda Grass
Olive Tree
Short Ragweed


Adult Comprehensive Allergy Pnl:
D.Farinae (Dust Mite)
Rye Grass, Cultivated
Oak Tree
Pigweek, Rough

Skin Test


Grass Mix
June (Kentucky)
Cultivated oat
Rye mix
Red TopBrome

Weed Mix

English plantain

House Dust
Dist Mite (f)
Dust Mite (p)
Cat hair
Dog epithelia
Feather (mix)

Mold Mix


My allergist said I'm very allergic. 1 our of 50 people of the people who walk into his office don't have allergies like mine.

What alternatives can I take to Milk Thistle/Dandilion clean my liver? What else should I do besides taking Oil of Oregano?

I did buy liquid Dandelion yesterday at Wholefoods, and took 1/2 of the recommended dose on the bottle (15 drops) as a small test. I woke up with eyes redder than usual. Upper right abdominal quadrant pain is more noticeable. Although I'm always in some sort of abdominal or back pain, so it's hard to say how I'm reacting to this.

My allergist is putting me on Allegra 180 (1x daily), Singular 10 (1x daily), and Prednizone (3x 2 times a day for 5 days). Maybe that will lower my allergies so that I can take more herbal supplements. Unsure though. Should I incorporate this into this McCombs Plan? Can I even take the supplements in the McComb plan with these sort of allegries?


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