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Re: Feeling sick
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Feeling sick

Okay. To my knowledge, Wormwood is not good to be taken over extended periods of time (4 weeks), so it might be best you cut down or stop taking it for now. You can still use Black-Walnut and clove drops to kill eggs for maintenance.

In addition, I recommend you strictly limit any carbohydrates, sugars, and starches for a period of time. This is very difficult and the withdrawals are worse than the parasite die-off in my opinion. But if you stick to the diet in a few weeks you will feel much better than before and the cravings will go away, you just have to trust the process.

For diet I recommend you sellect strictly from these food groups:

Meats (chicken, turkey) Fish (wild salmon) all unprocessed and unseasoned. You can also eat beef sparingly if you wish, and other varieties of fish but wild salmon is one of the lowest in heavy metals and safest when eaten on a regular basis.

Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil, and hempseed oil. The latter 2 oils must be kept refrigerated as they are polyunsaturated fats which is most prone to becoming rancid. Obviously don't cook with them, but use coconut oil for that. Olive oil is great for pouring over meats and salads, even in liberal amounts. Olive oil is similar to CoQ10 & from my experience I believe it suffocates the worms and soothes the intestines.

Avocados, like olive oil, are high in oleic acid, an anti inflammatory, and increases absorption of other vitamins/minerals such as beta carotene found in leafy greens by 300-600%. If you don't like the taste, try refrigerating them or freezing them and letting them thaw for 30 minutes. I can't eat room temperature avocados but I eat cold ones everyday.

Himalayan pink salt - great for the adrenals and on a strict diet your body will be using more electrolytes than normal, and you will not be getting salt in the form of iodized table salt . So you must replace your salt with Himalayan pink salt. Liberal amounts. As much as you crave. Great for pouring on meats along with olive oil, and in the morning as saltwater to cleanse the intestines, or as a chicken/turkey broth where you cook the meat in the oven with extra water, dump the water in a glass once it's done cooking, and add salt. Natural cleansing flavorful broth that promotes regularity and satiety without any added preservatives , artificial flavoring, concentrates, or MSG.

Leafy greens - Spinach, romaine, arugula, etc. High in vitamins A, C, and K. Other greens such as kale and Swiss chard are better juiced as their fiber is difficult to digest. Other, low-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, squash, zucchini, etc. might be okay, however for me I avoided them as I found them too difficult to digest, fibrous, bulky, and it was enough Sugar for my parasites to feed off of. Cucumbers are okay.

Any raw nuts/seeds with the exception of peanuts (they're actually a legume) and cashews. This includes chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, pecans, almonds, walnuts, etc. They must be raw and not roasted, I made this mistake without realizing it and found roasted nuts continually activated symptoms whereas raw did not.

Spirulina - blue green algae rich in protein, beta carotene, iron, and other trace minerals. 5-10g/day at least, I consume 10-15g daily. It is the richest food source of complete protein on the planet and 9x more bio available than beef, and absorbs easily and instantly.

Chlorella - single celled green algae used to chelate heavy metals but is also a powerhouse superfood. Promotes regularity and increases absorption of probiotics by 4x when taken together with one. 3-5g daily is optimal or up to 10g/day.

The idea should be to simultaneously starve the parasites/candida of all sugars, give your body the vitamins/minerals/nutrients it needs so you aren't micronutrient deficient, and eat foods that soothe the intestinal lining and promote anti-inflammatory benefits and increase absorption.

For additional parasite cleansing I recommend:

Oregano oil - anti fungal and anti parasitic, much stronger than garlic. Can be used internally or externally to kill toe fungus. In your case use it internally. Dilute with water and put 3-4 drops normal strength 1-3x/day. Be careful as this is strong stuff and different brands have different potencies. It acts as a natural anti biotic which means it can kill both good and bad gut flora, so you should supplement with a quality probiotic if you haven't already.

Food grade diatomaceous earth - single celled fossilized algae that is aged 8-9 million years old. It is composed of 90% silica and most humans are deficient in silica. It scrubs your intestinal wall like a pipe cleaner and is negatively charged, thus attracting toxins, pollutants, and parasites like a magnet and sweeping them out of the body. It doesn't draw out healthy minerals or bacteria. 1-2Tbsp 2-3x per day, in the morning and before bed is optimal. You can also have it shortly before a meal. There is no upper limit but the doses I listed seem to be optimal in ridding parasites.

Hot cayenne extract - parasites hate heat, and cayenne extract cut their bodies in half. Habanero extract has the same effect. However, it will not kill the head of the worm which means it can still grow back. Diatomaceous earth cuts through the exoskeleton including the head of the worm to prevent this from happening.

Milk thistle seed extract - controls die-off symptoms and promotes healthy liver function, to help your liver detoxify and fight off any potential liver flukes.

Bragg's Raw ACV with The Mother: 1-2 Tbsp per day in water is ideal and supports the detoxification process. Drink it down fast and rinse your mouth out with water after drinking, as the acidity can erode tooth enamel. Once you consume it, however, it alkalizes the system and balances your body's pH level

Additional supplement recommendations:

Iodine - 98% of Americans are chronically deficient in iodine. The FDA has the RDA set in the micrograms, when it actually should be several hundred times higher than that. People in other countries such as Japan consume much much more Iodine than we do and thyroid problems are practically non-existent over there. Lugol's 2% solution is ideal and you just need 2 drops per day in water and tastes like nothing.

Magnesium - You need to supplement with a quality magnesium supplement, 800-1000 mg/day. Magnesium Glycinate is the best absorbed. Like salt, your body will require more magnesium during this period and it's essential you get enough of it.

Vitamin b-complex: Protects nerve health and is something you might want to consider. Normal vitamin b1 and b12 is only absorbed 0.01% in supplement form, and the rest is excreted in water. For this reason I recommend you look into fat-soluble vitamin b1 (benfotiamine) and vitamin b12 (methylcobalamin) which is better absorbed and protects the axon and myelin sheath of a cell. Google vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms to see if you think they apply to you, and whether or not supplementation could benefit you.

Vitamin C - Supports the immune system. You have a few options here. You can take ascorbic acid capsules. Or you can take calcium ascorbate. Or if you want to go all natural you can buy acacia vitamin c powder which is purely food source. Look into each kind to see which one you think is best suited for you.

Vitamin D - Crucial to optimal health in every way and essential for the absorption of calcium. You have a few options here as well, such as cholecalciferol, garden of life Raw food based vitamin D, or an oil such as cod lived oil. I don't recommend garden of life brand only because they produce all their vitamins on yeast cultures and sell you the yeast. Humans are supposed to eat fruits and vegetables, not yeasts, molds, and fungus.

I would also advise you supplement with fish oil for omega 3s, but if you are taking cod liver oil you get both your vitamin D and omega 3s in one serving. Chia seeds and flaxseeds are also both a superb source of omega 3s (2g per tablespoon), as well as salmon and hemp seeds.

There are other holistic remedies and items you may be interested in learning about, such as oil pulling, dry skin brushing, acupressure mat, negative ion generator, earthing pad, cold showers, and more. If you try oil pulling I recommend coconut oil even though many sources site sesame oil, I find coconut oil works best and sesame oil can damage the tooth enamel.

As always, exercise is very beneficial, especially walking between meals it will help you absorb nutrients. The rhythmic motion of your hips and body help force all the dead, decaying parasites to lose their grip on your intestinal tract and fall into your colon where they can be expelled. Exercise also stimulates the lymph nodes which help purify fluids from cellular metabolic toxins and are essential for proper immune system function. Lift weights if you want, stretch, and look for trigger points in your body to see if self-applied trigger point therapy may benefit you. For example, many people who get headaches on one side of their head is due to a trigger point in the mid-upper back that is knotted tissue and prevents adequate blood supply, thus you experience symptoms at another unrelated body part.

Most of all just take it easy. It's a journey, not a race. Hope I was able to provide you with some helpful tips, and if you have any questions or want to talk to me further about the protocol please do not hesitate. Best wishes to you.

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