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Topical sski for glands vs. oral?
deala0688 Views: 960
Published: 7 years ago

Topical sski for glands vs. oral?

I read about applying SSKI to swollen glands on the Tahoma Clinic's website. I'm apprehensive about taking SSKI orally right now at this time because I do not want to deal with an Acne type detox affect, rather I think I should focus on other general health fronts first. I had the most terrible Acne from trying saw palmetto (said to balance hormones) like half a year ago and it lasted for months after I stopped, so that's why I'm cautious. I applied topical SSKI once or twice way back and the gland I have issue with swelled?? I stopped and was going to recommence but never got to it.

Why did it swell? Is that a good thing? I wonder if it will be swollen for a long time before it clears, (it's not a squishy watery type of gland).

I had a bacterial infection in the gland in question, it is on the right side of my head (near the ear, jaw region) several years ago. Ever since then it's tight and firm to the touch, were as the left side feels normal. The right side is also more...full, I guess is the word. It's not swollen, per se, as if there's a water retention type of swelling, as I said, it's really firm, but not like muscle; it feels more soft yet puffy in the area slightly behind my ears.

Might be important:
I also had reoccurring ear infections in both ears, due to swimmer's ear (from the shower, not swimming) a couple years ago. Since that time, I started getting slight eye discharge, sounds weird and gross, I know, but it's the sensation of something in your eye and I just go to touch the area on my eye ball and there will be a little thick fluid left on my finger.

I've had sinus allergies since I was young, but for quite a few years now I've had serious dark circles which are partly due to sleeping late, but also to my allergies and sinus congestion. (They say the tiny veins from around your eyes drain to your sinuses or the other way around). I don't for the most part have crazy sinus attacks but occasional sneezing and always some congestion. My congestion is always slightly worse on my left side. A "Dennie Morgan line" is a crease or slight fold of skin under the eye in some people who have allergies, well it's more pronounce on the left side (I didn't always have the lines btw).

Also since a head cold early in the winter when I was hacking stuff up I still have been hacking stuff up, a couple to a few times a day, sometimes clear, sometimes not. It just won't stop.

I just feel that all those glands and sinus cavities in my head are congested and filled with crap!

So, yeah, so sorry for the long post, thought all of this was needed info. Of course, I'd love to get rid of EVERYTHING, especially the dark circles (they're a plague to my psyche), but it's all related congestion, maybe slight lingering infections?? But specifically about the gland, do you think apply topical sski would clear it up? or would oral sski, which I read can clear respiratory congestion drain that gland? I'm wondering if I start topical sski on the area, would it swell form the sski for a long time b/c I'm so congested or b/c the gland is kind of hard?

Please, all comments are anticipated?

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