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Re: Candida Bloating & Heart Burn
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Candida Bloating & Heart Burn

To save my life I've come up with the following:

I just started a 7 day cleanse of Oxypowder . I also bought Sonne's #7 and Sonne's #10. I'm really hoping that one of those products will help. From the few hours of research I spent online Oxypowder is supposed to clean the intestines from small bowel to rectum and uses a type of magnesium-oxide laxitive which brings water into the bowels, rather than stimulating the intestines, which supposedly does not make your intestines dependent. People on this forum have said that the oxitive nature of the laxitive kills candida. Some people have concerns with the ingredients, but I haven't found any reports of death or harm, and I'm at the end of my rope to clean out my small intestines. OTC laxitives are supposedly not very effective against the small intestine. I don't really care about dependency on laxatives at this point. I just want it out of me. If all the laxitive is doing is pulling water into my gut, and my gut is doing all of the work, rather than being stimulated, then it seems like it would be posible to eventually ween off it with fiber exercise and water.

Sonne's 7 & 10 are a combination of a fiber laxitive and a detox clay, which many people on this forum have said helps their candida blockages. Apparently large chunks of nasty looking fungus come out. I'm not entirely sure I want to add clay to what may be a very chronically constipated environment at this time. Maybe sometime after Oxypowder .

Next in my arsenal is a simple tactic to chew my food as much as possible. So much so that the food is not so much swallowed, but flows down my throat as an almost sludge. I notice that I don't chew enough before swallowing. Hopefully this will help.

Finally, I purchased Clarkia . After taking my Orageno oil for a week I've noticed changes in my body. Little lumps on my palm which I thought were part of my natural structure for have disappeared. Some suspicious white strands of mucous left my nose. Although I haven't seen any worms in my stool, just lots of puffy candida clouds and unidentifiable white puss in stool, I've heard stories that parasites often co-exist with fungus, and can be a cause for blockage. Under the suspicion that my gut is clogged with parasites I am thiking of going off Oregano and trying Clarkia drops. Those drops are supposed to affect over 100 types of parasites, their eggs, and kill candida as well. I am also thinking of doing a enema with Clarkia for a direct application, since herbal supplements have a hard time flowing there.

Have you tried any of these products?

I still need to figure out something for kidney and liver detox. Right now I'm trying Milk Thistle, but my allergy test said I'm allergic to short ragweed, which is what many of these detox herbs are family of.

I haven't heard about jaw cavitations as a cause for this type of thing, and have no idea how that could be possible, even after searching the matter on google.

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