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AIP diet... week 5 quick update and few questions
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Published: 7 years ago

AIP diet... week 5 quick update and few questions

lately i realsized i have seb derm on my moustache area this and ec casues chronic inflammation especially for my top lip... so recently iv cut way down on sugars and also started clean shaveing every 2nd or 3rd day i never let my beird grow and i have began to wash my face evey second day with a face wash (all natural one) and my seb derm in my beird has practically gone.... its such a relief my top lip and moustache area is barely inflamed anymore!

now to the diet... it takes about 8-12 weeks to see improvenments last time i did strict paleo i only did it for 5 weeks and gave up this time im determined to do minimum 6 months! I'm eating no dairy no Sugar no gluten no carbs... i am doing a fresh vegetable juice every single day.. i have two pieces of fruit per week (monday maybe a bannana and friday maybe a apple or berries) my meals mainly consist of salad and fish or steamed veggies and fish... i have meat as in red meat twice a week and chicken 3 times a week... iv really tried to stick my diet to mostly veggies and fish as the main source of food...

anyways heres to the questions firstly has anybody followed lees diet to the tee for a period of 4 months or longer? i ask this because his cured and i just find it strange that no one would of tried it??? im trying to pin point exactly what it could of been in his diet to casue cureing? for example was it the elimination of Sugar and carbs? or was it the elimation of red meat? these are the two things that stood out the most about his diet? i want to dig deep and find out exactly what is was? iv decided to follow my diet which is aip diet and lees combined if i dont see any improvenemnts what so ever i will completely swithc to lees diet... im trying to figure out is ec a form of fungas and lees cured becasue he cut out carbs and Sugar and it cleared or is it due to his diet from releaseing toxins from eating such a healthy diet? what is everybodies thoughts and i would love to hear there opinions

the first time i did paleo diet i didnt have the strength or power or phycoligical strength to stick to such a diet and my sugar and carb craveing and i quite... this time i have no problems im actually enjoying eating healthy and im excited to reach the 8 week mark! most people say with any diet for skin or diseases it takes between 2-4 months to see improvements.. so im pumped and cant wait! i just hope the aip diet works as i do enjoy the small amounts of red meat and fruit i eat per week!

if anybody is currently doing or has done a really strict diet with NO CHEATING! please share....

my lips are pratically now only peeling on the inner parts were my lips hit salivia... the outer part of the lips doesnt even turn white anymore... although this doesnt excite me as i know the heart of ec lies in the inner part which causes and produces mass amounts of skin turn over white slosh and chronic inflammation! iv read were theres yellow scales normally means seb derm so maybe a few posters are right and ec is a form of web derm but do we have oily glands in lips?

i didnt think i would ever take the diet path and natural approach ever again but by digging deep into research and knowing a person who personally beat psoriosis through diet i thought f*** it why not! im not going to give in... if lees did it i can! and so can you!

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