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Re: How to curb the cravings!?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: How to curb the cravings!?

There is so much truth in this thread already.

I've been taking NAC sustain for my strained liver and since it is part of the Poor Mans Protocol. I love the stuff and I don't stick with supplements long at all unless I feel quick results. Natural Calm Magnesium is the other one I love, so much so that I've had few solid stools since I discover it a month ago and have no plans to discontinue using it.

Yeah, full moon sugar (Coca-cola and Sour Patch Kids) cravings are insane for me. Especially just before and the day of the full moon. Sleep during this period of the month is elusive and follows no schedule.

Yup, Gin and Tonics do the trick every time. Cocaine will do the same, and I suspect it may be related to this

Levamisole is an anthelmintic drug, meaning it can be used to kill parasitic worms. The drug was previously used to deworm both humans and livestock, but since it was discovered to cause agranulocytosis (a severe depletion of white blood cells that leaves the body susceptible to infection), it's only been used to treat worm-infested cattle. In addition to being a popular cow dewormer, it has become a very popular cocaine adulterant. [Editor's note: Hamilton Morris was writing about this years ago.] 

All over the world, forensic chemists report finding levamisole-tainted cocaine in increasing frequency from every level of distribution, ranging from the street to huge multi-ton shipments. This means that the adulterant is added in South America before the cocaine has been exported. So the question is, why bother diluting high-grade cocaine that costs almost nothing to produce (compared to street prices) with a compound that's more expensive than other adulterants and diluents? The amount of levamisole found in cocaine is typically not that large, so it’s not to add weight, and it’s neither a stimulant nor a local anesthetic. But it is known that one of the metabolites of levamisole is a compound called aminorex, which has amphetamine-like stimulation properties.

Another possibility could be the fact that levamisole increases the amount of dopamine released by raising glutamate levels in the brain. Since cocaine gets most of its euphoric effect from blocking the dopamine transporter protein—which then increases the available amount of dopamine to interact with the dopamine receptors of the brain—levamisole could potentially increase the effect of cocaine through its release of dopamine. Some people even suggest that levamisole can pass cocaine purity tests, but frankly why would any coke producer care about that? They’ve already been paid by the time the drug hits the market. To me, the aminorex and dopamine releasing theories are by far the most likely explanations, simply because I haven’t heard of any other plausible theories. Essentially, levamisole enhances the rush.

In 2005, levamisole was found in almost 2 percent of the cocaine seized by the DEA. In 2007, the frequency went up to 15 percent, and by 2011 a staggering 73 percent of all cocaine seized by the DEA had been cut with levamisole. The same tendency is seen in Europe and in the samples I have analyzed myself. From 2008 to 2009, the frequency was around 66 percent, and from 2011 to 2012 it had gone up to 90 percent in Danish cocaine. The side effects from levamisole are not necessarily something the average user should worry about, since their exposure is not on a daily basis. Yet the more habitual consumer should definitely take it into consideration.

Neither the gin nor the blow should be considered good treatments, since symptoms return (perhaps just a bit stronger too) once the recreational drugs exit one's system. Why can't a less harmful drug like pot stop the skin crawling? Probably not toxic enough.

I also agree that the M organism adapts quickly to all anthelmitics such as Ivermectin. I remember my first doses of Fenben gave me tears of joy because my vision was instantly improved and I had a 95% overall symptom reduction. I felt so good it was like I was in the movie Limitless. Now it (as well as Ivermectin) still helps, but not as much and it brings me so much more liver pain at so much lower doses than it used to.


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