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Re: Diet and Vermox.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Diet and Vermox.

I didn't think roasted nuts were bad either until I realized after every time I ate them my parasite symptoms would increase 10-fold, whereas when I eat raw nuts I have no problems at all. So I know for a fact that it does matter, at least for me.

As far as peanut butter goes, I can think of multiple reasons it should be avoided all together such as:

1) They are loaded with omega 6 fats which further distort the omega 3:6 ratio that most people already have heavily out of balance.

2) Nearly all of them are contaminated with the carcinogenic mold aflatoxin

3) They are one of the most pesticide contaminated crops.

4) It's nearly impossible to find a high-quality, raw and/or organic natural peanut butter at local stores.

Sure peanuts may be healthy in moderation, but when you tell someone that you advise 'peanut butter' with no further elaboration, it will likely end up in buying Jiff or Skippy. Or any other run-of-the-mill brand laden with sugar, hydrogenated oils, and dry-roasted peanuts.

Most of all there are just many better options out there. You wouldn't tell someone to go eat cafeteria Salisbury steak if they have access to organic, grass-fed beef. Pretty much any nut or seed is healthier than peanuts. Pecans, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds are all better options. I know you said any other nut is suitable, but I think it's important to include seeds in that list as well.

As far as dairy goes, most people who are milk-sensitive are able to digest raw easier than pasteurized. Not to mention nearly all raw milk is produced naturally by locals from grass-fed cows. Whereas the milk industry feeds the cows Genetically-Modified-Organisms corn and growth hormones, so their milk is so toxic they literally need to pasteurize it. They raise diseased cows and feed them diseased food and they think that by heating the milk to a boiling point it will make it safe again with no other side effects. It's ridiculously dumb logic.

And Ghee is 100% butter. The only difference is Ghee is without the milk solids that many people have trouble with. And unlike butter, Ghee has actually been found to stimulate the secretion of stomach acids to aid with digestion. All I said was that it was a better alternative because I believe it is. If I'm going to offer someone advice, I am going to give the highest quality recommendations I can, and they can decide to use that knowledge however they wish.

You may not be able to 100% starve all parasites, but that doesn't undermine the importance of diet on a cleanse. There is still a positive correlation between the amount of Sugar consumed and the number of parasites present. The more Sugar you eat, the more they will thrive and the faster they will grow, regardless if they are able to receive nutrients elsewhere. And even if they do eat protein and fats, it's much much easier for them to eat carbs. So it's better to make them work for it than giving them a free supply of worm-food and Sugar which is like steroids to them, which is probably why some infections get so bad in the first place.

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