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Published: 7 years ago
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>- I've never seen you post links to support your evidence in our conversations.

Quite possibly. I have posted many supporting links over the last 12 to 13 years and I do not like to be redundant.

If anyone wants to see links that provide good technical information. There are several tools, among them are Google ( the least reliable ), Bing, and Yahoo.

>- The irony is you should be agreeing with me that people, no matter how well intended and educated as they may seem, should not be posting health claims without supporting evidence.

I do agree but I do not have the time to stop and repeatedly look these things up. Sorry.

>- That is directly affecting you because a lot of people look up to that person ICU who they probably see is very knowledgeable in parasite protocols, but he say zappers don't work and makes claims that things like zappers can "scatter" parasites and make them harder to get rid of.

While ICU may be correct in some cases, he/she is definitely lacking in knowledge and experience when it comes to zappers. It is the improper usage of zappers that can cause problems. I have seen that on many occasions on these forums. Someone buys a zapper, cheap or not, without studying how to use it. It is much like driving a car without having read the license manual or the owners manual. You might get down the road but sooner or later, something not good will happen.

>- In the end it all boils down to this, there is a real low success rate of parasite protocols by observing this forum and that's actually supporting my argument that most people's problems here are most likely not being caused by parasites and they are just wasting tons of money, time, and their health by chasing phantoms.

Or, the protocols are not being followed properly or the protocols do not always work.

I spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours writing and editing a book " parasite Zapping and the Zapper" to help people be successful in getting rid of parasites. The book with postage in the US is only about $15 or a little over.

I used to include it with the zappers but the FDA put a stop to that. I also used to be able to honestly tell people what the zapper could and could not do but the FDA put a stop to that.

The only thing that I can do now is to make suggestions.

Apparently, you and many others do not understand the precarious nature of what I say and do. I can not post information proving that the zapper treats illness or disease. The end result would be prison, not because it is false but that I have been ordered by the FDA not to do it.

You or anyone else, can however, look this information up and post it without consequence.

You can start looking for scientific evidence at

I am sorry that there is not better proof but when a the customers of a company show a satisfaction level of 97 to 98 percent, something has to be working. When 97 to 98 percent of customers state that they think that the FDA should approve the product, something must be working. When the FDA tries to get hundreds of customers to file a complaint and the will not, something must be right.

Yet despite all of that, we can not even say on the site where we sell ParaZapper, exactly what the zapper does other than kill microbes in water, something has to be wrong.

How can we make claims on ? That site sells a book and that is freedom of the press.

So, with all this said, I still think that taking several drugs in sequence is a bad thing.

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