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Re: day 19 - High body temperature, feel cold. Lots of thick green mucus, difficult to bring up. No parasites but suspect candida on the run.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: day 19 - High body temperature, feel cold. Lots of thick green mucus, difficult to bring up. No parasites but suspect candida on the run.

Ohhh I know all too familiar with just wanting to get those things off your chest! It can be so heavy sometimes!

I suffered for six years with various types of ailments and wouldn't even leave my house because I was too afraid of what would happen! My whole family suffered for it, and so did my social life and my friends, and it really is true too, not too many people want to know about parasites! HAHA! My poor family though, I would just chat with them and tell them about all the weird things I was learning!

So my "Ulcer" was a portal of sorts for the parasites, so if you feel them come and go after this cleanse, know that I too have been there. I would lay awake at night feeling them coming and going sometimes. It gave me such bad anxiety! But I thought if I am going to beat the parasites I need to stick with Humaworms method and wait three months before we do our second cleanse.

I tell you, I am so glad we went ahead and did it! I have WAY less anxiety, less food allergies (which I would encourage you to seek out if you have any-though you may be on a good diet not all main stream "healthy" diets are good for everyone...we are all different and our bodies need our own Taylor made diets I think) AAANNNDD the best part is, VERY minimal wigglies in my guts (going to do a third round in May). And Gulgitha, that was IN my stomach, I can't feel anymore, and I have not felt any of them moving through my "portal" so to speak ;) Yet...anyway, hopefully never again!

When I had my fever, I will be honest with you, I was so sick I couldn't look at my poo haha, but I did poo a TON of Candida and it was quite mucousy. Especially when I did an enema, I would expel a lot of Candida. I didn't get the fluffy things until the second cleanse and I have read that Humaworm helps considerably with Candida.

We did do the Humacleanse, but not until AFTER our cleanse. I read somewhere that though you can take the Colon Cleanse portion of Humaworm while doing Humaworm, it can flush out some of the herbs that kill the parasites so it is better to do them separate , so you may want to consider doing your second one without the colon cleanse if you choose to go that route. We also did the anti viral and the antibiotic cleanse and will be doing the organ cleanse after our third cleanse. I am not brave enough to do a liver flush yet....I need to do that though I think....

I wonder if you oil pulled that maybe it might help with the lump in your throat? Have you heard of that? It might be worth a shot. I have read about some people who have Candida all down their throats so my heart goes out to you! I have it all on my tongue and it's awful!

I'm proud of you keeping going!! It's tough to take our health in our own hands but it's what we have to do!! And if you need anything, we are usually here on good ol' curezone! Keep us updated on how you are doing!

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