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"Cured" My AFS, Now Working on CFS
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Published: 7 years ago

"Cured" My AFS, Now Working on CFS

30 months ago, I crashed down with severe AFS (adrenal fatigue syndrome). I had: brain fog, muscle wasting, collagen loss, Sugar craving, hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, ferocious insomnia, and intolerance of prescription drugs / adapotgens / stimulants.

I had become so weak that even 1 hour of my normal work could cause me to crash.

I took a long path of vitamins (the ones recommended by Dr. Lam), hormones, herbs, yoga, and super clean ("perfect") eating. I avoided adrenal glandular & prescription drugs except for occasional sleep support.

I am happy to report that I no longer have clinical symptoms of AFS and that my adrenals seem to be healthy, resilient, and responding to the stresses of life appropriately. My long-time, unknown low thyroid issues have been corrected also - and my sleep, mood, energy and temperature tolerance have improved. I look normal and feel "good" most of the time. I work, do yoga, socialize / date, garden - with certain limits and restrictions. For instance, I don't really stay out after 11pm anymore. I take breaks, and segment big projects into chunks. And I find it's easier to hang out and keep up with middle aged people - rather than the young and reckless.

The bad news is that even though my adrenal syndrome problems are solved, I still grapple with what appears to be mild Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome (chronic fatigue syndrome) - poor mitochondrial function, due to cell damage / oxidative stress from the years of chronic stress and extreme living that eventually lead to my AFS.

I am following treatment recommendations from Dr. Teitelbaum and Dr. Myhill. Their philosophy suits where I am now - a mostly stable system with low energy issues - and their advice is working well.

I have symptoms of "post exertion malaise" and muscle pain when I over exert. And I still have mild crashes. But they are much milder, briefer more manageable in nature than the crashes where my adrenals would get excited, drained, and then take the whole rest of my system down.

I was doing REALLY EXCELLENT towards the end of 2013... My energy reserves / ATP production / delayed fatigue got worse this year when I started frequently dating (involves lots of emotional stress, decision making, physical exertion, compromise, texting, etc).

I have gone off my handfuls of pills - all my Vitmain C , pantethine, adaptogens, thyroid, D3, etc. A huge cabinet full of bottles, which are complicated and expensive.

My currently, simplified supplement program:

- Enzymatic "Energy Revitalization System" vitamin drink, one scoop

- D-ribose (currently at 4.5 grams b.i.d.... at 8 am and 3 pm.. later can interfere with sleep). This has potential to be a "breakthrough" supplement for me.

- 1.5g of "extra" Vitamin C

- Thytrophin pmg, thyroid glandular 3x a day.. 1 tablet with each meal

- NOW Ultra Omega fish oil, 2 caps

(if sleep help needed: 1.5g of inositol)

I could not tolerate d-ribose very well when I had adrenal problems (caused hypoglycemia, shakiness). But now, a year later, that my system is much more stabilized, my body seems to be accepting it and it feels nourishing. Fingers crossed that it will continue to work!

Thanks for all your help CZ, I could not have have made it this far without ya. I still have a ways to go. It's a hell of a maze but it can be navigated: Don't give up!

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