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Re: Desperate help needed, about to throw the towel in. Measures to improve humaworm effectiveness?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Desperate help needed, about to throw the towel in. Measures to improve humaworm effectiveness?

Here is another helpful post I saved:

"I just wanted to post another topic on nystatin enemas because the only person on here who really explains his experience is dvjorge. i figured others would want another persons opinion of them and if they helped..

to start off i have severe candida overgrowth, i dont need other people tellin me i dont because i know for a fact i do.. i also have anklyosing spondlytits (AS) but im pretty sure it was an effect of candida and not the cause..( side note, if anyone wants info on how to really improve AS without drugs, message me because i have succesfully improved my symptoms!)

back to the enemas,, i first learned of nystatin enemas thru this forum and dvjorge.. he expressed how much they helped him and i knew i had to try them. im also sure others have read his posts and want to try them. they have def helped me but u must do them correctly or they are not as beneficial.. i also reccomend doing a coffee enemalater on the same day that u do nystatin to help the liver remove toxins from dyin candida..

so here is the step by step process for doing a successful nystatin enema..

fisrt, i do them in the morning after natural bowel movements so the colon is not full.. you MUST do 2-4 water enemas first to further clear the colon of fecal matter. this is to allow the nystain to travel the length of the large intestine so it can kill the candida. you will know that u have done enough water enemas when it is pretty much jus water coming out.

after completing the water enemas get 1 cup (250 ml) of distilled water, NOT TAP WATER!!, and add roughly 1 teaspoon of nystatin powder. ( i have never used the liquid nystatin so cant comment on its affectivness). add this solution to ur empty enema bucket.

start by lying on ur LEFT sie and insert the tube into ur colon. allow the entire amount of nystayin solution to enter ur colon and then remove the tube.. stay on ur left for 5 mins..

next, turn onto ur back and prop your feet up on a chair, bed, etc to allow gravity to pull the nystatin further up ur large intestine (colon). lay on ur back for 5 mins.

then, turn onto ur RIGHT side and remain like that for another 5 mins.. your large intestine travels to the left, up the left side of your abdomen, across to the right, and then down the right side of the abdomen, until it reaches the illeocecal valve and the small intestine.. that is why it is important to start on ur left, then ur back with feet raised,and then your right. doing this allows the liquid to penetrate the entire colon surface and not jus the lower half.

once u have been on ur right side for 5 mins you can get up. i usually need to expell the liquid at this point but if u can retain it for 30 mins that will help it kill more candida.. dvjorge says to do them and hold it for 24 hours.. i dont think this is necessary and its not really comfortable.. holding it for 30 mins or even expelling after the enema still will priduce white candida clumps in ur toliet..

i dont see any candida after eliminating the nystatin but about 30 mins after i feel the urge to go to the washroom.. this is when i expell candida clumps, and usually just white mucus candida clumps (no fecal matter).. dont be discouraed if u dont see any, i did not the first few times until i mastered the technique of the enema.. but once you get the hang of it u will see the candida clumps come out everytime.. btw, doing downward dog yoga position seems to help the dead candida move down the colon and out of ur body.. if i do this about 20 mins after the enema i always need to go to the washroom and i get candida out..

i really hope this helps at least one person.. if ur on the fence about tryin this id def give it a go. nystatin wont penetrate ur intestinal membrane and willnot enter ur blood stream.. i should add that sometimes i feel worse after removing the candida but the next day i have more energy and def feel better..

also, if u do not change ur diet and add natural antifungals (oregano, garlic, GSE, goldenseal, rotating them every 4 days) then u will not get better.. enemas alone will not cure u but they sure do help..

another hepful tip is to do a coffee enema later the same day to help ur liver out and remove any dead candida that didnt get expelled..

feel free to ask questions because all i want is to help others get better and not feel hopeless. i know what it is like to feel ill everyday and not have answers..I'll also add that im not cured yet, but i am def gettin better and know my body is healing..

goodday and goodluck!!,"


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