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Re: video teaching the golden colloidal silver production, step-by-step
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: video teaching the golden colloidal silver production, step-by-step

Hi there Esstee, no offence taken matey, the questions you pose are the very same questions I don't believe have answers, that was what I was trying to explain, i.e. everyone who produces this stuff in the home will produce the same thing, i.e. silver ions and silver ion clusters {particles} dispersed in a liquid, the only variant will be basically ion/particle ratio, size of particles, and any other variants which may apply of a chemistry nature, there are far too many outside influences for the home brewer to even consider a 'perfect' solution is something to aim for, and as I said, who can or has ever determined or defined what constitutes a 'perfect' solution?

What constitutes a 'perfect' solution? What is the benchmark to aim for regarding that 'perfect' solution? What are the guidelines for producing such a product? The repeatability of producing such a product in the home?

This is where Science fails and 'art' begins. There are so many variables to consider when producing this stuff that to attain anything that can be remotely termed a 'perfect' solution it certainly is not possible in the home environment, one would need a far better facility to come close to achieving that end, and that is with the assumption that a 'perfect' solution even exists, of which I don't believe any solution can be defined as 'perfect' anyway.

People read too much into it. The home brewer simply wants to make a product that is good in quality and suits their needs, and that will vary from brewer to brewer.

Take that video for example, that product just says to me that due to the close proximity of the electrodes, combined with lack of *suitable* stirring {evident by the amount of crud developing on the electrode which has developed due to that electrode proximity}, combined with the lack of electrode cleaning at regular timed intervals, there will be more particles than would normally be produced, but at the end of the day that product will still contain ions and particles the same as any other product produced in the home, it will only be ion/particle ratio that will be different {and I'm purposely ignoring particle size here}.

If you find the answers to all those points you raised, be sure to let me know as all those points are what I was referring to {grin}. Has anyone got the answers? I don't believe so. Plenty of people may believe so, but laboratory analysis may say something different.

Tweaking and refining a process may be fine, but at the end of the day what is the end result of all that tweaking and refining? Some may use 36vdc or 3x9 volt batteries for example whereas I use 24, but at the end of the day their and my solution will still be basically the same. Everyone may use Distilled Water, but are all distilled waters exactly the same? Water temperature? Is everyone using the same water temperature when producing? Is everyone using the exact same dimensions of electrodes etc etc etc?

I think the attaining of a perceived 'best' or 'perfect' product is better left to the marketers of their own respective products to boast about, but they would not use the LVDC electrolysis process which is used in the home, they more than likely use the HVAC arc spluttering or some other process.

The home producer should not be concerned about a 'perfect' or 'best' solution, all they should be concerned about is producing a good quality product and using the appropriate protocols for doing so, and by visual observation of product in storage, anything else and they are aiming too high and is out of their depth.

Disclaimer: Opinions again. Don't mind me, I'm a pragmatist and a realist and one who never contemplates producing any product of which I could term 'best' or 'perfect'. What I produce is equal to any other home produced product in efficacy and benefit, I don't need nor do I desire to 'refine' my process any further, it either works or it doesn't, and in my case it works fine, *that* is my only concern {grin}.

Everyone who produces this stuff can aim as high as they wish and refine as much as they want, that is admirable and is their prerogative, I just thought I'd add an alternative point of view is all. Just throwing my opinion out there coming from another direction entirely. To be honest, I believe most are chasing an impossible dream in the home environment {oops, opinion again}. But hey, if they do find the perfect or best solution I am all ears, never too old to learn something. The more refining and experimentation the merrier, providing the end result lives up to all that experimentation and refining, and for that I'll need *many* lab analysis reports which would include an equal number of stats and questions before I would be convinced of anything.

The bottom line is...Each individual who brews this stuff in their home, using generally accepted equipment and procedures will all produce similar stuff, and will be the best they can produce without deviating from the aforesaid equipment and procedures which most home brewers use and follow. For those who have a personal goal to achieve or aim for, good for them and I say - go for it.


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