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About people saying women cause their own rapes
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Published: 9 years ago

About people saying women cause their own rapes

I just read an article about a girl who was told her rape was her own fault, this one in a religious context. I've heard of this happening tons to people, and something I wonder is how a person develops that behavior. Some of these people who say this about women haven't always seen this in other people to mimic. They somehow just act like that out of nowhere. Where on earth could this specifically come from? And don't tell me it's genetic or something. There are many instances of it happening. A girl will be told how she's dressed invited it, or she shouldn't have been drinking (tons of date rape drug stories where the victim has been told that).. with the wrong people... or about a million other things. In the article, the girl was at some religious school or something, and was told she somehow sinned to cause herself to be raped. If a person who tells a woman this has not before seen others acting like this to women, where do they get it? What could, out of nowhere, make someone decide to say a woman is responsible for her own rape, if that isn't already preprogrammed into the person's mind for them to be saying? How is there a universal theme of people saying this specific offense to women after they're raped, if they've never heard that sort of thing being said? Other common occurances are for people to say a woman is lying about being raped, or that she wanted to have sex with the rapist. Maybe it is somehow genetic, for this common theme to be said to women... but how, when it's speech?

Are there any males (or females even) on this forum, maybe could explain, if you're like that?

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