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Re: Very low energy and weight gain
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Very low energy and weight gain

Barbarusa - All AF protocols are based around gentle detoxification, while supporting the endocrine system for daily life.

As a victim of pyschrotropic meds with AF, I am pretty experienced in commenting on your case. A lot of people on here, understand AF and give great info, but some dont understand AF with long term pyschotropic meds involved, its a whole different kettle of fish!

This is the brutal truth - You will probably not get better while ingesting chemical pharmaceutical toxins. To be honest its actually futile attempting a detoxification regime, being it HTMA or Dr Lam, in fact I believe it actually makes you situation worse. All those months trying to rid toxins, when everyday you are putting a whole series of manmade chemicals into your body? Have a look at the ingredient list for say LExapro, its pretty scary!

I remember you were saying you are on Leaxpro and Remeron? Lexapro is extremely very stimuating, hence why it reduces anxiety, anxiety is pretty much low cortisol. So on a daily basis you are stimulating your adrenals to work , yet they are exhausted, so it is making you worse. If you look up what lexapro does to insulin response, blood Sugar (hence weight gain), adrenal stimulation, let alone the down-regulating of the serotonin receptors,alpha receptors, histamine receptors etc, you might be able to understand how your body cannot heal while it is being manipulated by the meds so severely. Remeron is also a powerful histamine blocker, and ephipherine enhancer - again stimulating a tired body to create chemicals it obviously can't make.

Those SSRI's, SNRI's, etc all metabolise in the liver. Thats how they build up there 'shelf life' shall we say, so if you miss a dose, your body doesen't go into withdrawal immediately because there is plenty stored in the liver. By trying to detox daily, you are trying to remove the chemical, then by taking a pill again, replacing what your body just tried to get rid off. Its a horrible situation for your body to be in. I was the same, I couldnt understand why I got worse and worse on these AF protocols until I realised years later after being off the meds, the link between it all. Basically withdrawing from drugs daily. then reinstated, thats what a detox does. I have researched this stuff so much, I could bore a person to death with the facts and figures! :)

It has taken me 18 months of pure agony withdrawing and repairing the damage from around six months on Remeron and various other sleep meds and bits and bobs thrown in here and there like Ambien, Serequel etc, and then three months on valium. I am not there yet, but I can see the light. I didn't sleep for around 18 months, and it is still not good but things are getting better. It was not easy.

From my own personal experience, You really need to come off the meds as trying all these regimes and methods will be a waste of time and money and will lead to further disappointment. I've been there.

Being on Lams protocol now is a good place to be while withdrawing as you have plenty of support with the B5 and the C, I had none of this, I did the whole thing cold turkey and it was torture.

Sometimes I am a bit brutal with the truth, so I am sorry if I sound about militant but I just want people to get better and move forward! :)

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