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How to detox from hydrocortisone - without liver flushing
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Published: 7 years ago

How to detox from hydrocortisone - without liver flushing

I've had adrenal fatique all my life. Since I was 18 years. I'm now 40. I've slowly gotten better with many changes- buying a high air quality house ( I'm in the allergy capital of the world)
getting out of a physically demanding job. Taking time off to just sleep.
AND I've taken hydrocortisone for years. 5mg-10mg per day. I tried herbs for 15+ year and I'm not condoning but after thousands possibly tens of thousands of dollars of trial and error on expensive herbs and no real quality and consistancy regulation on herbs, and thousands of brands to keep up with. I decided to finally do the rx drug - hydrocortisone. I also take armour.

I have been doing really well and slowly tapered off the hydrocortisone. My body is different. I have some weight changes , but my job is also less physical.

I am experiencing major blood Sugar issues and have to eat every 2 hours. I am assuming this is the effect of the hydrocortisone as it affects blood sugar.
I am starting to get a little inflammation again ( which was all over - all of my life- intestinal, skin, respiratory)

My question is:
How do I detox from hydrocortisone?
What do I take in the place of hydrocortisone for the inflammation?
C and B5 are appealing because I take them already and they are very standard - i.e. you know what you are getting.
I come from a TCM background which warned against 'cleansing, cleansing, cleansing' because it is very depleting to already weakened and blood deficient body systems that actually need nourishment and blood building before harsh cleansing. I feel I am not ready for a Liver Flush , because not only is it extremely cold on the liver, spleen and triple burner meridians, it is also extremely depleting , causes deficiency and yang imbalance, and I am left exhausted for a week after it. It's simply not always the best thing you can do for your health.
It has to be done when your body is strong enough or it will set adrenal fatigue sufferers one step forward and two steps back.

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