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Re: White specs in sto after treatment
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: White specs in sto after treatment

mine were all like rice stuck in poo.. my 8 year old's were bright white, yellow white, some bigger, some smaller... hers were really weird. The night we discovered them, I saw them squirming in her poo. they looked round.. but after sitting in a jar for 5 hours in the ER, they died and looked more flat?? They were tiny though, like strands of pasta but bright white and you can see the contrast aginst the color of poop. 3 weekly doses of albenza didn't do much, but then I dosed them for 3 straight days on pyrantel and their poo was loaded with white spots and by day 3, everything was gone and her poop went from green to brown. I also noticed that the white spots were mostly all in the same spot, the first part of the stool that comes out first contained the most. I plan on dosing them with a tsp every saturday from now til school starts to make sure it's gone for good.

When I took laxatives and did a mag citrate flush, i was passing enormous looking wormy things.. one was as big as a mozzarella stick.. i call it that because it was brown on the ouside but white in the center... it was stuck in like a Z shape.. i couldn't break it apart or straighten it out and it was impossible to flush.. took 3 flushes to go down. was it a huge worm or a huge piece of candida that broke off? i'll never know... i was also was passing 4" long skinny white things and 6" long skinny green things after i did an enema. The green things I took to the ER and the doctor said it was a Tapeworm after looking at it for a second, but all the other green ones that i've gotten out with enemas like that since that night have dissolved like mucous. So, I'm really confused now... this whole time were those wormy things mucous strands? I had my gallbladder out last year and since then my digestion has went from bad to worse. i can easily go 3 weeks without having a BM, so lord only knows what's in there. I have no idea wtf is coming out of me.. if it's candida strands or worms or what. The stool tests that i stuck some of these things into have all come back negative?? Also, the pinworm treatment seemed to have woken up some huge thing in my colon.. i feel this thumping like a baby moving and nothing makes it stop. When I take certain stuff like coq10 supplements (supposed to kill tapeworms) it makes the movement even stronger and worse.Some day I feel it, some days I don't. Either I have a huge worm infestation, i have totally lost my mind, I somehow got pregnant 5 or 6 months ago and still get my period, from a man who has a vasectomy and the fetus is developing and moving around in my ass, or I was abducted by an alien that put something there.. it's really scary and my doctors are clueless. I am trying to search for other reasons why i could be feeling this and coming up empty.

but anyway, i know it's gross, but if you can get photos, most of the people here cn tell you what it is. i've only been dealing with this for a month and had no prior knowledge of worms.. plus i purposely avoid looking up pictures of them because i don't want to know... it only adds to the anxiety.

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