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Can liver flush stir things up and make you feel worse especially when you have low hormones to begin with?
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Published: 8 years ago

Can liver flush stir things up and make you feel worse especially when you have low hormones to begin with?


please help I feel horrible!

I was hoping to get some advice on liver flushing. I have done about 5 or 6 over about 2 years. Each one effects me different and for the most part have good results. I was going to have a jawbone cavitation surgery in a couple of weeks so I decided to do a liver flush about 2 weeks before.† The† liver flush was about 3 months ago and I have felt horrible since. Followed the instructions as I always do and had a colonic the evening after the flush. I passed many stones. I thought everything was fine the day of the flush but then I started to have a horrible panick attack so bad that I had tingling in my jaw and my head started to feel like a train was running through it and had whistle sounds in my ear. I have never felt anything like it in my life!

Since then I have progressively felt worse! No more panick attacks but I have very very puffy eyelids that have started drooping down, horrible skin, dizzy, lots of gas and bloating, extreme fatigue, a pain under left ribcage that comes and goes, nausea in the morning and sometimes when i eat, dizzy, heart palps weight gain in abdemen and the list goes on!

Please keep in mind that I am studying Alternative Medicine and very knowledgeable about health and how things work in general but I am baffled at this.Also do not normally go to doctors but this has been so bad I went. Had all the tests done including† CT scan of abdomem,† full thyroid panel, metabolic panel, eppstein barr, lyme, hormones, and the list goes on!! The doctor says everything is normal and I† am 100% HEALTHY!! Told me it's all in† my head and wants to put me on anti depressants. I am not depressed!! Something is wrong!! I requested a copy of all my tests and went to a compounding pharmacy and had saliva done of hormones and 4 cortisols, cause the doctor only did blood and I know it's not as reliable as saliva with certain things.

When I see my tests that doc thyroid t3 low "normal" t4 high " normal "and tsh Low "normal" range, but he says im normal. When i got saliva tests back of hormones Cortisol is high through the day( even though I suffer from adrenal fatigue and it's normally low), estrogen very low, progesterone low, testosterone high normal, dhea low normal. But doc says normal according to blood tests. Smh

Looks to me I have some hypothyroid going on despite the fact that I've had thyroiditis in the past and it's usually hyperthyroid. My hormones are all messed up and I am now taking some bio identical estrogen and progesterone.( starting today) cortisol being high is making me feel horrible.

My questions

1. Could the liver flush of caused this? Or cavitation surgery? (Had a jawbone cavitAtion for 20 yrs) I know sometimes stones from the back of gallbladder move forward and can cause symptoms. By caused this I mean stir things up.

2. Can jawbone cavitation surgery stir up something systemic? I know the cavitation itself can but can the surgery?

2. Should someone with low hormones do a liver flush? If I am correct doesn't the flush kind of flush out old hormones? And if I'm low already could cause a problem?

3. Should I attempt another one?? Maybe this will fix the issue after I get out more stones? I want to but so scared of the panick attack.

4. Should I attempt parasite cleanse first? I know you should do a parasite cleanse before a flush and didn't with my other ones but I feel so horrible I can't imagine doing† the cleanse and feeling worse.

I am 38 yo female, slim, vegetarian, eat very clean and healthy, take vitamins, excercise.

Please help! I feel horrible!!


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