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In desperate need of a cure!! Could parasites be the problem?
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Published: 7 years ago

In desperate need of a cure!! Could parasites be the problem?

I am in desperate need of help with my health i know this is a long post but bear with me please.I have been suffering for 3 years since I was 16. I am 19 now and have severe allergies, chronic fatigue, digestive issues including gas and bloating, foul smelling breath and stools, muscle soreness, brain fog, weight loss, Sugar cravings, dairy and gluten sensitivities, and overall just an ill feeling. My allergies are so bad that my eyes are always swollen and burning and I have terrible dark circles now and I am always congested. I live in ohio and it is the worst for seasonal allergies. Most days it feels impossible for me to get out of bed even with 10 hrs of sleep and my muscles are always so sore. I can't wear any makeup without my eyes reacting to it or earrings and am sensitive to fragrances. It has made me so depressed and I don't even look like myself anymore. I can't even get my daily tasks done and college is starting soon. Before I was 16 I was perfectly healthy then all of a sudden I started developing rashes and the tiredness and went to an allergist and reacted to pretty much everything on the test. However no antihistamine medication or nasal spray or even prednisone could help me control it they are useless and so are all the traditional doctors I have gone too. I had blood tests done and apparently my white blood cell count, iron, and vitamin d levels are all low despite me having a healthy Diet and taking a good multivitamin. I have researched a lot about candida and parasites and heavy metal toxins and know for sure now I have candida but not about the other two. I want to go to a naturopath but don't know who to trust and don't want to spend $400 on a stool test for parasites. I'm getting confused with all the parasite, candida and Liver Cleanses that claim to cure you and I just don't know where to start. I have been eating a very healthy Diet and cut dairy and gluten from my diet and am trying my best to keep Sugar out and that's helped a little but is making me lose weight and I am already too thin. I've tried different candida antifungal and am not seeing results after months. Can anyone tell me if there's a good chance I do have parasites and what I should do about it? I have been seeing white pieces in my stool for awhile now and don't know if it's undigested food, candida or parasites. I have a herbal parasite cleanse from now foods that has Black-Walnut clove and Wormwood that I took for a few days but stopped because it made me dizzy and I read Wormwood is dangerous. Thanks for the help!

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