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candida: if you see it, then believe it; if you measure it, believe it is true
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Published: 8 years ago

candida: if you see it, then believe it; if you measure it, believe it is true

CANDIDA: If You See It, Then Believe It

Medical testing procedure for specific diseases have been around for many years. The more complex and accurate the test is, the more it will cost the patient. One great medical discovery being penicillin, for example! The uniqueness of penicillin; is its ability to saturated the entire body for a specific amount of time. Larger doses of penicillin can over kill bacterial invaders [and lots of body-friendly ones] for about 1.5 hours each dose [1.5 half-life]. That is why penicillin is taken 4 times a day and for 8 days straight!

Since candida is a fungus, penicillin and many other drugs become basically useless! The reasons for penicillin failing [and other drugs for that matter] is that candida infections are a different situation. The lifecycle of a fungus colony is one of survival! Like all life is; all wishing to continue while in the life! Therefore, successfully established fungus colonies will produce millions upon millions of tiny spores.

Candida like all fungus is a progress infection to the body, usually developing deepest in one's sexual organs and saliva glands! From there onwards, the infestation progresses throughout the digestive tract into all connecting organs, to include the brain! Well establish candida [entire body infestations] can liquid the body in about 2 years – which is typically done within grave boxes worldwide! The earlier, infected individuals [where candida is limited to a few organs] are basically being liquidated slowly, 24 hour a day – while they are still walking about in the life!


There are three means of measuring one's candida infestation: all can be done at home! In fact, the better you get at making/reading your test results the more accurate you become at knowing level of disease within: be it increasing or decreasing within the body. I have discussed all these simple test procedure [their make-up and reading] at [keywords: beesting,candida]. They are basically, piss-n-bottle test, piss-n-cup test and salvia-n-cup test! I have been making/reading my candida infestation levels for years now and I can tell you exactly my current level! If you spend the time to learn making/reading your own test results, YOU WILL KNOW EXACTLY [TOO] HOW INFECTED YOU REALLY ARE [CANDIDA-WISE], WHILE IN THE LIFE ABOVE GROUND!

I have made comments in both peyronies and Candida Forum s at for several years. I have read through many comments posted; skimming through many such recommending and advice-givers! They just continue on and on and on: “I have the fix” comments and tons of links abounding therein – all so eagerly pitched by so called evidence givers of the nth kind! I had the same problem with peyronies forums and their “proven remedies” pitches and plays for my time and money! I wasted 7 years online [of my life], and only one sentence proved useful to me – honeybee venom is linked to arthritis! Shortly after, I then discovered in an abstract [1000's of pages away online] of a tiny medical university [upper degree work] that peyronies depositions are similar to arthritic depositions!


I am a firm believer in self-testing, and when I see a positive or negative change [in my current candida condition or even feel different] – I immediately seek after a useful corrective change [mostly herbal medicinals] Even through the peyronies forum is not part of my life, any longer, the Candida Forum is still an active one for me!

Today, I have gotten my candida infestation well under control [only with herbs] for my body seems to be in a much better “state of well being” of late! I have a long way to go, though, but feel only herbal remedies [natural medicinals] are the most useful ones for me! Why? Well candida is a very successful decomposer of the grave-box kind! Even though I am still alive and walking about, these days, candida seems to be actually less productive [spore-production wise] in my body: all based on my sugar-jar test results! I do not even give/relay my own opinion here!

Even so, the disease is a very dangerous one [to play around with] or even to ignore or accept others advice or services or opinions! Does anyone remember a great song by Paul Simon – 50 ways to leave your lover! Well, candida is really singing this very same tune to us – We have 50000 ways of holding onto your body [right to the grave box]! Yep, no matter what manufactured medicines are used [online advice pitched – it is the truth], it is impossible to kill the entire infestation [50000 or more in-body locations – and all at once] – especially for 1.5 hours, 4 times a day, and for 8 days straight; as does penicillin with respect to in-body bacteria invaders!



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