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Australian's with Morgellons
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Published: 7 years ago
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Australian's with Morgellons

Hi, I am Australian, and not quite sure what I have; however I am getting more concerned by the day. In short, I am experiencing all the common symptoms, though not sure whether I have fibers or not. I invested in an electronic microscope, and I think even Micky Mouse would freak out to find what goes on at 200X magnification. So, tickling, biting, crawling sensations, and like as if they land on me. It all started when a dead bird was removed from the roof of the public housing I was living in. I am sane professional, who is otherwise going through family breakdown etc. Bed sit hopping whilst looking for a new life and place....didn't quite work out so well. I moved from that public housing 3 weeks ago and still all of the above sensations. At first there was loads of biting on my back and large bites. They perhaps came from something else that required proximity to a host. I shook the host, however I fear if perhaps that which was biting me was host to something else. I spit them out of my mouth, and they get stuck in my nose. I have samples, and have sent them off. I sent of a video of what to my mind clearly looks like a bug autonomously maneuvering in my nostrils. Sent this video and close up of what look like larvae to a university entomologist. He wrote back saying its nothing. My boss said it looks like something from the ex files, and all but the entomologist agree that it looks like it isn't from Kansas Toto. So, I am getting ready for more of the same. Most scientists are quite autistic and drone like, and I don't expect to come across any Einstein on my journey. Not being able to go to work or sleep is getting quite difficult. Covering myself in Almond carrier oil and citronella oil definitely helps, except for the stench of the stuff following me to cafe's etc. Girl at a house inspection made a comment today about how the apartment smelt like citronella. Unlike most people I frequently produce specimens, however strangely they are getting smaller. I never find a specimen at the site of a bite or sting...just from my nose or mouth. The first night that I flushed (spayed) my nose with lemon juice and citronella, I then woke up covered in them. If I spray my body only I can feel them running for my nostrils. It is quite horrible. Under microscope I can see that I have a clear skin fungal issue; I always have, however thanks to 200X magnification I can see what may be a tasty treat for some micro critter. Trying to look on the bright side...spending more time alone means playing more guitar and writing songs. being apprehensive to form a relationship for fear of contaminating someone may force me to be more selective...something that lack of has got me in trouble in the past. I certainly am more lucky than some folk who cant walk, talk, breath etc. I'm hanging in there. I hope my doctor continues to be compassionate, however I am readying myself for misdiagnosis. I am skeptical of the morgellon's community. As a result of Science denial there has been a ground cultivated ready for any and every theory to spook to the core...and a few jerks trying to make a dollar. I have already spent a few. I have not read of anyone with symptoms like mine, and interested to hear if anyone shares my experience. I experience full coverage of my body, and including sinuses, ears etc. I stopped drinking beer and help mildly. I wonder if a trip to Bali where it is now dry may help...then come back to all new clothes etc. I am going to start swimming more in ocean and pools. Also find a sauna. Has anyone invested in an Ozone machine?...or is that another parasitic con? Please don't respond to me if you believe that this is an intentional Govt Conspiracy chem trails etc. I really think those in the community who loose site of logic are working against any good cause.

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