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I had Nissen Fundoplication 13 years ago.
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Published: 7 years ago

I had Nissen Fundoplication 13 years ago.

I'm a 27 year old male, and I had surgery for my GERD about 13 years ago when I was 14 years old.The surgical procedure that I had undergone was most likely the Nissen Fundoplication procedure. Almost a year before I had the surgery the doctor found out that I had a hiatal Hernia. So therefore that same doctor had me take a prescription drug that made my heartburn worse. Long story short right after I had the surgery I no longer had bloating, constant burping, and especially no more heartburn. I felt good as the years went by.

Up until I got into holistic health right after reading the Natural Cures book by Kevin Trudeau , it changed my view based on Big Pharma, the food industry and the government. I remember going to and reading about this the "One Minute Cure" book in which consisted of taking diluted 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in a 8oz cup of distilled water. So therefore I bought that book and bought 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. I started the protocol on the month of April 2013 as soon as I started what I did notice was that I felt more sleepy. Another thing that I noticed was that I felt stings, pain, that would last for seconds around the area where I had surgery 12 years earlier. The pain felt similar to when I woke up from the surgery. So I thought that this was a sign that my body is trying to heal known as the "healing crisis". So I continued up until sometime in late April. I started to feel abdominal pain from time to time, as well as stings, that would last within seconds. I was getting worried so I stopped doing the "One minute cure" protocol. I thought that the pain and stings that I felt would go away, but it didn't and still to this day I still feel it. Another thing that happens whenever I feel the pain and sting feeling I feel itchiness and I scratch, I get like a tiny red pimple.

This is something that has me really worried and I'm planning on scheduling and appointment to see a doctor to have a sonogram done. What if the hydrogen peroxide has done damage to the tissue and or caused scarring and ulcer?Or dissolve the stitches that was used to wrap the upper stomach?

I really regret it doing the hydrogen peroxide therapy orally!!I wish that I could've done it intravenously or had gone to see a holistic doctor. I'm thinking that I would probably need to undergo another surgery.

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