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Iodine & estrogen dominance
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Published: 7 years ago

Iodine & estrogen dominance

I thought I was pretty healthy all my life and certain things like asthma, extreme allergies and Gallstones were just normal and you just deal with them and move on... then I got sick, got better... and realized that I wasn't really "better". All theae things I've been dealing with my whole life are NOT just random... they are xureable and point to worse things yet to come! Had it not been for the info that Grizz shares, I never would have pieced any of it together... so, thank you, Grizz... your efforts and information are extremely valuable...
That being said... I have pretty much pin pointed my underlying conditions to candida and estrogen dominance. I never has symptoms of candida like vaginal infections or anything from the symptom lists that would scream "candida". I never had a clue until medicines I was taking made me expel an enormous amount and cleared up horrible chest congestion and improved my asthma. I JUST made the estrogen connection because I was diagnosed last week with adenomyosis (the lining of my uterus grows IN TO my uterus and muscle tissue and its holey like a sponge, so I had a uterine ablation this morning to fix it... buy the time i learned it could be corrected, it was too late... but chances are because im so young, the lining could grow back in 5 years. Also, my pregnancy in 2008-2009 caused cholestasis and bile backed up into my liver abd bloodstream and made the baby abd me sick... and then my gallbladder turned into a giant stone with sludge. I tried for 4 years to flush it, but it backed up into my pancreas and was starting to rupture, they I had to have emergency surgery to remove it. So, all this estrogen is to blame.
Also, I'm freezing cold all the time, have low blood pressure and certain signs of a slow thyroid, but I'm not overweight. Im 5'4 and 110lbs and look very young... this makes people, including my doctors think im healthy.
I am absolutely jumping on the Iodine wagon... everytging Grizz has told me to do so far has worked... the D3 amazingly stopped this pleurisy like pain in my lungs in just 3 days with a small dose... so I'm sold. I just wanted to start the cosupplements ahead of time just in case there is a thyroid issue.. then i was going to go 25, 50, 75 and 100mg in a month with Lugols.
I know Iodine is needed for women's organs and stuff caused by hormonal imbalances... but my question is, is it enough to correct extra estrogen, or do i need a diet change and extra supplements as well?
I do want to add milk thistle and Liver Cleansing supplements, but not sure how to space everything.
The main goal is to regulate hormones, and kick asthma and allergies. I am allergic to everything and get rashes from scent oil.. i haven't had a rash in months and now just broke out in one around my waist line from using store bought tide detergent on my pants. I used to get hives bad, but havent in a while... just get those crazy eczema type rashes that itch insanely and get really dry... usually its on the backs of my arms, legs and top of hands or feet.
It would be nice to avoid that but i don't remember if that was a candida thing or a need to do more liver flushing.

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