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Image Embedded Re: How do Bob Beck and ParaZapper work to kill microbes in blood?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: How do Bob Beck and ParaZapper work to kill microbes in blood?

I've been suffering with a metastasized bone infection for over seven years now. And at the root of all my troubles lies a nasty little bacteria called Staphylococcus Aureus. And for those of you who aren't familiar with this, the Staphylococcus Aureus is one of the most dangerous of all of the common staphylococcal bacteria's out there.

And the only available treatment for my particular condition at this time, is excision. Which may sound simple enough at first glance(removing the offending bone). Except that in my case, this means major disfigurement as it involves a majority of my lower mandible and much of the temporomandibular joints. IOW. I would not only loose much of my left facial structure but also facial paresis as a result of muscle due to nerve paralysis.

That being said, during the course of my struggle with this, I've formed a resistance to most all of the relative antibiotics families to this bacteria. Which range from your typical oral treatments all the way up to the intravenous types. All of which, have ended in acquired resistance as the infection persisted passed all of the treatments and surgical procedures to date.

And so it is, that I've come to know exactly when something works or not with respect to my own condition. ie, when things go unchecked, my initial symptoms will return and I'll begin to experience the excruciating pain of the infection or bacteria destroying bone. Which can be likened to having ones face(jaw) slowly crushed in a vice. Beyond this, is a condition called bacteremia. Which is akin to sepsis, as the bacteria which enters the bloodstream will infect or impact any site in the body, particularly... the heart valves. Which results in arrhythmia and can cause lasting damage. And of course, the effects on other vital organs. Specifically those involving blood purification. And finall... any other bone or joints that may be susceptible to density or other forms of weakness.

Though beyond this, what's been most notable in my own experience, has been that of kidney failure. Like clockwork... when my condition goes unchecked, I will begin experiencing signs and symptoms of kidney failure due to Septicemia which is life threatening.

So what does this have to do with the effectiveness of the Bob Beck Blood purifier?

Well the truth of the matter is, that the Bob Beck Blood purifier has proven to be so successful in controlling or treating the effects of this particular condition that it eliminates the symptoms of kidney pain(due to inflammation) within minutes of treatment. Likewise, the same can be said of the secondary effects of the infection such as; fever, arrhythmia and malaise. And so when I say that the Blood Purifier works, I base this on my ongoing experiences with the unit with respect to my condition.

On the topic of energy, I'd second the claim as well. ie, Using the Blood purifier daily(which I don't always do) seems to promote a sense of wellness and clarity that is unprecedented to any other treatment. To which I'd add, I not only feel better, but think clearer, have improved reflexes and nervous functions. For example, the twitching of my eyes and face will go away, as do the uncontrolled knee jerk movements of my hands. My capacity to control my mouse are highly improved(accurate) and there's an overall sense of wellness that I've attributed to as a reduction in the microorganisms in my blood.

And so for me, the Blood Purifier not only works, but works very well indeed! - Granted... I can't comment on the claims of others in terms of their own conditions. But for what I've been using the treatment for in my own case, the Improved Beck Blood Purifier has proven to be very good at purifying the blood.

In closing I'd add that I've built several units using parts from eBay based on the following schematic with very good success:

Or as shown here on a project board(for those of you who are intimidated by schematics:

I'd also add that per the recommendation of others, that I've experimented with the use of close tolerance components(parts) and what we'd call your run of the mill components(5%), and discovered that all units worked equally well in terms of effectiveness. And so for me, the claim of exacting frequencies isn't likely as critical as is often acclaimed to be. Which holds especially true for in cases where sellers market their own products in lieu of making our own. Though it remains that not all sellers take this path either. For example, I've discovered numerous sellers who were honest enough to leave the path to wellness open to those looking to take matters into their own hands by either; taking an active role in the sharing the information and/or offering help to those looking to build their own units.

PS. I should add that I've been taking(combining) a daily regiment of Colloidal Silver with my Improved Beck Blood purification device/treatments. And that I use the Blood Purification device whenever I feel the need. Either due to illness or exhaustion, of which will impact my immune system and allow the infection to get the upper hand. And so, I'd add that I currently take an average of 6oz of 18ppm of an Ionic/Particle Silver Solution three times daily as a primary treatment. - Additionally... I also wanted to add that I've been experimenting with the use and application of the Blood Purification device on the infection sites. Though I've yet to overcome the complications of getting a suitable conductivity on the area in question as a result of the challenges that come with that particular area of the face(facial hairs, texture and irregular shape). - And so it remains a work in progress at this time.

Hope this helps. 


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