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Published: 8 years ago


Hi everyone, Morgellons is a Lyme co-infection. I know, if you're like me, I was adament that I had no such thing.

Fibers, specks, pulling (in some kind of weird magnetic way) pet hairs into my own hair, dental problem, eye problems, worms, pinprick way, this is not Lyme.

Well, apparently it is. And if you're reading this, you must be ready on some level to shift your paradigm.

Not convinced? Go to the lyme photos website and see if that isn't what is coming out of your body. That was my first step into allowing myself to consider the possibility. After that, everything else fell into place.

Next go the Charles E. Holtzman Foundation for Morgellons research. You'll see it there in black and white: Over 95 percent of people who have Morgellons test positive for Lyme.

Now check out researcher Marc Neumann's article on the Lyme/ Morgellons connection. Google "moregellonized" or something like that. It is an amazing article. He breaks it down for you with copious amounts of useful information. And yes, he is cured too.

What cures the co-infection of Morgellons is the same thing that cures Lyme: Antibiotic combinations for an extended period of time.

Now some herbal protocols work as well (see Dr. Marty Ross, Lyme/co-infections specialist, and his free webinars on Youtube), but if you arm yourself with top notch probiotics (HM Forte), 2 a day, go for the gold and take the Antibiotics . You don't want to mess with this stuff being in your brain and it's doubtful that herbal remedies cross the blood/brain barrier effectively, if at all.

You need an Lyme Literate MD (LLMD) stat and time is of the essence. There's a whole little ecosystem growing in your body--the bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with one another--and they happily hide deep in your tissus, joints, muscles, lymph nodes, etc. via dense biofilms.

Lyme Antibiotic combinations penetrate that biofilm and kill the bacteria. Particularly with Morgellons features, it helps to add the enzyme Serrapeptase as well. And the antifungal Nystatin on a once a week basis.

If you still want to believe that there is no cure, that Morgellons is caused by chemtrails, a government conspiracy, mercury fillings or aliens, that's ok. But all paths lead back to Lyme eventually. When you're ready, you'll know.

As far as books, I recommend Dr. Richard Horowitz's "Why Can't I get Better, Solving the Mystery of Chronic Lyme and its Coinfections" He's probably the best LLMD in the Northeast. He also treats for Morgellons and makes mention of Morgellons in his book.

The doc who treated author Amy Tan (and what a tale she has to tell) is on the West Coast and he treats Morgellons as well, but all in the context of treating Lyme disease.

But any LLMD will do. What cures Morgellons is the same thing that cures Lyme--they are co-existing co-infections.

First and foremost, get properly tested for borrelia (Lyme)--60 percent of regular Lyme test give false negatives. By far the number one lab is Igenix.

Then start on an Antibiotic treatment immediately. I use Plaquenil, minocycline (I'm allergic to doxycyline but that works too) and clarithromycin. Twice a day every day.
Flagyl, pulsed 3 days a week, is also important. These are the best combinations for Morgellons, hands down.

And if your pets are infected--and the fibers do seem attracted and able to penetrate the fur of pets--we've treated our four cats with double doses of minocycline every day for 7 months. (Alternated with Flagyl every few weeks.)

The cats are all speck free and fiber free, but it took 7 months, with 2 months of maintenance. Now they have transitioned to herbals.

Welcome to my world! Once you get over the horror of it all, and realize what it is, you've regained the power. Don't expect your regular doc to believe you, however. Morgs is still controversial and there's no test for it, so this is ON YOU to co-create your healing with a knowledgeable LLMD.

Once you are on the antibiotic combo, Morgellons will lessen each month and gradually disappear. But you are looking at least 6 months of treatment and possibly years, with some considerable herxing. And it must be the combination; a single antibiotic for a few weeks will never rid your body of it.

But you will get your life back. It's an infection, not a disease. And infections are cured.

You've got a new road ahead of you if this resonates as truth for you.

Finally, I will leave you with this. When asking the proverbial, why me, I came across this article written by Laura Bruno, a medical intuitive. It makes sense.

Sending you much light, love, and healing. Focus on the cure, nothing else. It's there <3


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