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Re: Six pack abs question for Trapper and others.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Six pack abs question for Trapper and others.

My first child was born via emergency c-section, and my incision was one of the newer "bikini cuts" which was a 6" incision made transverse right above the public hair line, which is better than the old vertical incisions... but I think that also plays into why I can't get muscle definition below my belly button.

dairy can be heard to break for people because everyone loves cheese! i eat Activia yogurt for the probiotics and can tolerate eating 3 cups a day sometimes and I can tolerate a splash of milk in my morning coffee, but if i start getting lattes - which are mostly frothed steamed milk, that's when I run into trouble... especially if I got extra Sugar in them.
my Acne was mostly hormonal. i got my period at age 11 and all hell broke loose. they were never regular and always heavy and i would just get so crazy irritable and small, cyctic Acne would pop up on my chin, cheeks and jaw line and by the time it healed, it was time for my next period again.. i was always athletic.. i've done dance, gymnastics and acrobatics since i was 7 so my doctors always said it was because athletic people always have crazy periods, it was like that almost my whole life and i only started piecing together the puzzle after coming here. what i think cleared that up my breakouts the most was when i did a good inside cleansing. in the spring time, my family picked up parasites from an amusement park that had an all day outdoor buffet and we got sick instantly from it and spent the entire summer on parasite meds (that make your intestines slough) and changing our diets and adding supplements . diatomacious earth actually made the parasite infections worse some how, BUT, it was remarkable how much it cleared up our skin... it literally looked like we all had air brushed finish skin and it did a good job of pulling bacteria out our guts (even good bacteria, so probiotics are needed) so once i had all those years worth of yuck removed from my digestive system, annoying things i've dealt with for years were just gone in an instant... so that played a big part in it. when i started supplementing with iodine, i could instantly feel that something was happening. i was diagnosed with adenomyosis a couple weeks ago.. that's pretty much when your uterine lining grows into the muscle layer, and after doing some research, i realized that my period problems, the gall stones i developed with my last pregnancy and some other things were caused by excess estrogen. i did have an ablation done a little over 2 weeks ago (where they cauterize your uterus to keep the endometrial lining from growing) which i'm now learning that i could have reversed the adenomyosis.. but it's too late now. im only 34 so it could grow back... but this time i need to make sure that my hormones are balanced. and like i said before... having an ablation wouldn't change hormones, so the only thing i could think of what is working is the iodine.... and right after i typed last night that i didn't have any Acne breakouts this cycle.. i woke up with a small white head on my chin.. but i can live with that. i also noticed that i'm not freezing cold anymore either. my feet especially would freeze and i could touch someone's leg with my foot and they'd jump. and my body doesn't seem to be as inflamed and over producing mucus. everything pretty much has settled down and it's a very different feeling.
i have a long way to go yet... asthma is my final thing to concur. Iodine has a funny way of making you aware of what's not right in your body if you have something going on and it stirred up an old infection in my chest that i thought had went away so i guess the next step is finding out WHAT it is. it's weird because some days i'll cough up a lot of white and clear mucus, which points to an irritant.. and lately it's been green and thick in the morning (gross, sorry) so that points more towards an infection... bacterial maybe. When you live with asthma, sometimes your lungs don't expand like they should... especially when you're sleeping... so bacteria can grow. i want to try to fight it without Antibiotics .
this whole taking your health into your own hands thing can be challenging, but you learn so much about yourself in the process and you learn to know what your body is telling you it needs more off and less of.
trapper is right when he says that everything works better with iodine... hopefully you get fast results with it too... not everything is immediate and can take longer in some people, but you should start noticing things here and there. have you done any kind of digestive system cleanse yet? i remember you said you did the Liver Flushes i think??
SSKI is supposed to be the best for lungs and asthma. i am only taking 120mg of Lugol's - i can do maybe 13 days in a row and then need to stop for a day or 2 and then resume.. i want to try SSKI but having a hard time finding it in small quantities. i don't want to buy a huge bottle and then find that it's too much to handle.

sorry lol i'm all over the place. i get long winded

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