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Published: 8 years ago
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You are still talking fibers.
That's a sign of denial.
Some people know that what they are dealing with is a worm.
There are a couple of RNs on the net who have identified them as worms.
Lots of the pictures you see on Morgellons sites are worms.
One of the members here, I think his name is scabdragger, something like that, treated himself for a fungal infection with a lot of success.
You can see pictures of fungus associated with Morgellons on this site over the years.

I'd like to think that yes it is all lyme and all you need is a long schedule of Antibiotics .
That would be fantastic.
Who wouldn't go for that if it cured?
Why don't I do it?
Because you guys never mention the obvious of the above.
That's why I haven't been able to buy in to what you say.

I am glad you share. But dammmm. You guys never get around to the obvious of what is in so many pictures.
That leaves you in my mind as one-sided one size fits all cure guys that can't see the forest for the trees.

I can't say I have confidence in you if that is all you have.

What do you say about this? I'd like to hear it.
And please don't go on about it is lyme and those are fibers. You've already said that. Saying it again won't convince me. If all you have is a hammer then everything that needs a tool taken to it gets a hammer.
That doesn't cut the mustard.
There is a definite worm part of this for an awful lot of people.
Some people have fungus to deal with if you believe what they say they have found they are coping with.
Tackle that with some backup references that mean something if you have them.
I'd love to be able to pop some pills and be cured in a year or two.

If you can't I can't follow your cure.
Without going head to head with these things and keeping on with the fiber description I just can't swallow that long path of Antibiotics .
It would have to be some backup references in detail and good reputation. Those references would specifically have to address those things brought up within the context of healing Morgellons as a lyme infection. Your own opinion doesn't mean anything to me now because you've already crippled your case and cause by hitching yourself to the fiber wagon.

Please do come up with those if you have them because I sure would like to pop the pills and be cured. If you can't then what you say doesn't mean anything to me other than an invitation to risk the dangers of a long term of Antibiotics without you knowing what you are talking about.

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