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Re: Can anyone explain?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Can anyone explain?

No, not counting elementary common core math, 10th grade algebra 2 and 12th grade calc... but I just looked at that and laughed lol My kids are doing phenomenal though.
I'm trying to find a way to explain it to my coworkers who were present as I reacted a split second after the guy in front of us jammed on his breaks where the road splits into a fork. I maneuvered an SUV between the guy who came to a sudden stop in 65mph traffic and the construction sign and barrels at the fork, oncoming vehicles, over a median and into a wide shoulder area... before my passengers even had a second to process what even happened and what we just avoided.
Normally by that time of day people are driving home in a daze - obviously the guy in front of us was in a fog or never drove that route before and wasnt expecting the 2 lanes to fork like that (bridge construction) and i have gotten road hypnosis quite a bit in the past... especially after driving home from work... some days it was hard just keeping my eyes open. but since starting the Iodine I have that super sense of awareness and clarity.. like, i was able to process what that guy was doing AS he was doing it. My coworkers were shocked because usually we are all kind of blah on the drive home. Now, I have also changed my diet to an extreme, so that plays a role in my overall feeling of wellbeing... but Iodine just gives something extra and i can't put it into words to explain it. Even the 2 days I skipped, I still had the same extra sharp feeling.
The only time I didn't notice it was I think it was last week when I had to restock some vitamins and msm.. i grabbed a bottle of ALA to try as an antioxidant instead of coq10. The bottle says 200mg capsules - take 1 capsule 3 times a day. Ok, fair enough... so I did and that day I felt weird and out of it and had a slight migraine. I come here to look and see what others experience on ALA and I learn it's a heavy metal chelator. Oh, wonderful! I have no clue what HMs and what amounts I might have... no intentions of removing them myself either... and I'm reading that some people have bad reactions at only 2mg. For 3 or 4 days I had that headache and off sort of feeling. Finally a salt load took care of it and finished it off but it took a couple days to feel that alertness/clarity feeling from the Iodine again. My throat also swelled up a little after the ALA - i can't tell if its thyroid or not- i do have a photo.. and the lump feeling in my throat went away but it still looks swollen on the outside... but I kept taking iodine during that time too. To my knowledge i have no hypo/hyper issues. A year and a half ago my tsh was 3.77. Maybe very low borderline hypo because my hands and feet freeze and I'm always cold. That only slightly improved with iodine but it could be other things like being underweight. It's only bothersome on the days I don't teach gymnastics/acro and dance class... like when my blood isn't pumping.
But anyway, I don't know what I was detoxing from... i'll leave the HMs to the pros... anything else I can deal with. I find it hard to believe one day taking ALA would make my blood Sugar crash for 4 days... but I was afraid the iodine wasn't working during that period.
And another thing that makes it tough to explain about iodine, because now they all want to know details! Like Hanna said, almost every person reacts differently and has different dietary and supplement needs. I dont want to say "oh.. go take 120mg of this and you'll feel awesome" because i have no clue what it will do to them or what underlying conditions they might have... or if they'll even have the same effects as I have or what detox they will have. The worst of mine so far was a chest cold that kept getting stirred up... which I'm now learning could be detox through my lungs. It's ok though, I'll take that.
I guess all i can do is have them do their own research. There's lots of good info in the blog posts... but again, i get iffy because not everyone is looking to fix the whole picture. People seem to want quick fixes and aren't prepared to take steps into long term improvements. Is the iodine really going to do much good to people who suck down diet cokes and eat nutrigrain bars all day and eat motrin like candy?

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