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Published: 8 years ago
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Smell the coffee


You have already shown us your stunning lack of knowledge with your all nematodes are worms like pinworms crap.

Makes me wonder just why you are here and spout the dinsinfo.

For the record I have been cut twice in my life for basal cell skin cancer and was obliged to learn much about that as well as other types.
I say this not so much for you but for those who might actually believe the crud you spout.

This nematode-hyphae-stringy bug shit crap has nothing to do with that.

No. We've been hit and hit hard and I don't believe that it is some more mundane exotic affliction that gets picked up only in travels to corners of the earth most Americans never get to.

The bulk of Americans that show symptoms never went out of the country. Some never went out of their states.
This is some nasty shit that has appeared right here ground zero in the good ol' U.S. of crap docs A.

It is in the environment. It is airborne. I see it on the plates of air filters in the house. Can see it in the air with the proper lighting to do so. Can take a clothes lint brush and pick up a hell of a lot of it everyday from bed sheets.
It is on every surface I've examined outside of the home.
This shit is everywhere.

We touch this shit every day. Every da-n-- day.
We breathe this shit in.
We drink this shit in.
We eat this shit in our food.

We're not getting any real help in coming to terms with just what this crap is.
We need microbiologists. We need mycologists. We need entomologists. We need infectious disease specialists. We need parasitologists. We need experts in mutations of all of these.

We're not getting that. We have to do the best we can ourselves to make up the difference. Nobody is really helping us at all.

You can SEE this shit. You can DOCUMENT this shit. There is plenty of that on YT now. All over the place. Here too. Some done better than others in presentation.
But tons of evidence.
The medical community is mute on this. Mute.
What the f*** is wrong here?

Something is wrong with the entire picture. Really wrong. Bad wrong.
It is put on sufferers as delusions.
Delusions that cameras and microscopes are also suffering.

No. We've been hit. By what, it is up to us to find out. We sure are not getting any help from those who are supposed to be on this.

Sufferers are canaries in the mines.
It is just that f---ing simple.

What this means right now for the bulk of humanity, what it means in the long haul for the bulk of humanity, I cannot hazard a guess.
I know da-ned well that it is misery for the unlucky few who are stuck with suffering unlike anything they ever encountered in their lives before.

This is not conspiracy theory.

This is FACT.
There is something that wasn't around before that is afflicting thousands.
It is documented.
VERY EASILY documented with even some fairly rudimentary equipment.

This is FACT.
To hell with conspiracy theory. It has no place in showing the basic components of affliction as exposed with the equipment financially available to the bulk of afflicted who take a look and post.
None at all.

Now as to WHY it isn't being addressed you can muse on.
That is up to you.
The, "whys," and, "why nots."

But this crap has been fundamentally documented very well at this point.

We live in a s-ithole of a country for this to go on as long as it has.
This is NOT, "first world shit."
This is NOT, "third world shit."
This is DENIAL WORLD shit.

Am I Angry? You Bet!!!!!
But not so much that it has clouded intellect.
Not so much that it has clouded perception.
No. At this point it has been tempered. Utilized as stabilized fuel, along with other things moderated and harnessed, into getting closer to what is going on.


Every night I brush sheets before going to bed. This cuts down on suffering greatly.

Clean brush:


After one use:


Some magnification of that brush:


I've stated that this is airborne. Metal plates for an air filter, taken today. I had recently cleaned this filter so there is not too much of a buildup:


I used a clean clothes brush to pick up. Under magnification, same stuff:


If I was so inclined I could drive over to three big box stores. I could take tape samples and show you this same stuff. I am not so inclined.


I have viewed the darker nematode portion under the skin. I watched this actually come out, in total, fully, through the skin surface from underneath.

I've peeled the translucent/clear/white fungal hyphae from parts of my body after a citric acid wash.

I suspect we are going to have to get with some staining techniques in better documenting the hyphae part on the body itself.


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