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DMSO has helped me a lot recently
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Published: 7 years ago

DMSO has helped me a lot recently


I was floxed by two pills of Levaquin in 2001 and had been feeling maybe 90% better a mere 13 years later. I was at my worst point about 2 years after getting poisoned, basically unable to cross a room without getting exhausted.

I had a bottle of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) in a drawer since about 2003, but had been afraid to use it due to pervasive (and intentionally misleading) scare stories about its supposed toxicity. It's less toxic than aspirin. Study after study shows that. Any claims about DMSO being dangerous are highly likely to be FDA hype. I read dozens of scientific papers about DMSO to reach this conclusion. It is one of the most studied substances known, and one of the safest.

After peeling my big toenail back at the halfway mark by opening a door the wrong way (ow) I doused the toe with DMSO at the suggestion of an internet site and was amazed at the instant disappearance of pain and rapidity of healing. I not only didn't lose the toenail, but it looked normal within a day, going from blood red and purple to healthy pink overnight.

This got me curious about taking DMSO internally for my fibro-like flox pain. I started with 1/4 teaspoon of DMSO mixed in water and found that dosage to be too analgesic for normal daytime activity. The pain relief, however, was total, even blissful at first, not due to some kind of high (which doesn't occur) but simply due to the sudden lack of pain after years of suffering.

Since then I have settled on 1/8 teaspoon mixed in water internally three times per day and have no longer been bothered by the all-over body pain left in the wake of Levaquin, which had improved through the years but never completely gone away. I have been substantially pain-free and have felt years younger (even flexible/agile) and emotionally much lighter as a result. This dramatic response has brought continued improvements for about two months with no noticeable side effects - and I tend to get side effects from everything.

The first DMSO I used (the old bottle) was 99% pure, and that 1% of impurities (which are naturally-occurring molecules identical to aromatic compounds found in onions and garlic) is where the legendary garlic taste/odor comes from. I know this because using much purer DMSO (99.995%) has resulted in my having no problem with garlicky breath or Body Odor .

I don't sell DMSO, and the only web site I could recommend from personal experience has gone offline, but I'm sure if you look around, you may find a source of adequately purified DMSO online which isn't too expensive. I also tried 99.9% DMSO from a health food store, and while the garlic odor was less than that of the 99% purity bottle, it was still enough to be socially embarrassing. The odor with 99.995% DMSO has been entirely absent, as tested on long road trips with a friend who has a sensitive nose and no fear of mentioning bad smells.

I've found internal use to be great for all-over pain while topical use works quickly and effectively for localized pain. Minor, short-lived skin itching (maybe 5 minutes) has occasionally occurred, primarily when applied above the waist, and can be eliminated by dilution, but the itching doesn't bother me, and goes away quickly, so I don't bother.

I hope you will have similar success! :-)

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