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Re: Magnesium chloride is effective for ebola, chikungunya, swine and bird flu.
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Magnesium chloride is effective for ebola, chikungunya, swine and bird flu.

Another article:

"Ebola: NO to heavy machine guns, YES TO NATURAL SOLUTIONS!"

Posted on September 18, 2014 by étincelledevie

Dear readers,

USA today announced they send 3000 soldiers in Africa to "stop the Ebola virus."

This is the new episode of this series that would be comical if thousands of lives were not at stake. How 3000 soldiers, even American (!!!), Could they do anything to a disease that is expanding over an area as large as 40 times France ?? We imagine them with their helicopters, their guns, their lattice and webcams on the helmet, pacing the African savannah. What for? If this is of course to serve the electoral interests of some, who want to give the illusion that they "do something" ...

As I've written before, the Ebola virus can't be combated by repression or by weapons. It takes hygiene, common sense, and quiet mind to enable local people to taje care of their ill people without taking risks, and avoid to degenerate into violences. Because there is already too much now, especially in these areas. And it's the cause of the greatest number of death, hundreds of thousands.

So far, Ebola caused 2,400 dead people. The UN say it will cause 10,000 dead until the epidemic ends. But according to Pierre Lance, a chronicler of Alternatif Bien-être (Alternative Welfare), thousands of lives could be saved through a simple natural, cheap and safe product... that the magnesium chloride.

Of course, despite the enthusiasm of our friend Pierre Lance, we have to be a little cautious. It's an interesting clue, but by no means an absolutely miracle protection.

But if I posted too this article here, it's because I am convinced that this epidemic disease will be truly more effectively tackled by the hygiene and the strengthening of the immune system than by armies, even the World Health Organization (WHO) clearly influenced by the pharmaceutical lobby, we can see it by its lack of interest in natural and simple solutions, and its eagerness to vaccinate millions of innocent people with products that have not even been properly tested for safety.


Jean-Marc Dupuis.

Magnesium chloride can stop the effects of the Ebola virus!

by Pierre Lance
The whole world is in panic because the African epidemic caused by the Ebola virus. Doctors in classic medicine admits their incapacity: it has no effective treatment.

Yet the pharmaco-industrial complex is in turmoil and feverishly apply to find a drug or a vaccine against the new public enemy No. 1.

Of course, none of ultra-graduate people that studied the problem have the idea to consider whether any natural substance, proven by people's experiments, could overcome the microscopic monster. Why? Maybe because to investigate this hypothesis is dangerous, if it's proved to be true, would it bring a single dollar? After all, let's be realistic, keep an eye on the CAC 40 or Dow Jones indexes, and if they give us a choice between money or life, it's of course money they want us to choose!

Fortunately, there are still people not intested in money only, whose only concern is the health of their peers who prefer life if they have the choice. This is my friend Marie-France Billi, a former councilor of Nice, which was already shown during the chikungunya epidemic that desolated the island of Réunion in 2006. This woman of heart and courage, who knew since 30 years the therapeutic virtues of magnesium chloride, had though it could be effective against chikungunya too. (Magnesium chloride is known for its anti-stress effect, to strengthen the immune system and stimulates the body.)

She sent to the Réunion dozens of mails advising its use against this disease, the doctors were clueless and could only watch the epidemic rising. And she received a few days later dozens of phone calls and messages of thanks from Réunion people cured through it.

As she continued her shipments. The news of the miracle cure spread throughout the island and all pharmacists were soon lack of magnesium chloride. The doctors continued to treat with contempt the use of the magnesium, forgetting to the outstanding work of Dr Pierre Delbet, member of the French Academies of Medicine and Surgery, who discovered during the first world war, therapeutic magnesium chloride and demonstrated its effectiveness, particularly against cancer. (Pierre Delbet is a character in the second volume of my book « Savants maudits, chercheurs exclus », Guy Trédaniel Éditeur.) ("Cursed scientits, excluded researchers")

My late friend André Passebecq, former director of Cérédor and Vie et Action (naturopathic school), former lecturer at the French Faculty of Bobigny, sent 6 kg of magnesium chloride to his Réunion friends. The French journalists, announced that the epidemic seems stopped in the end of March 2006, but they "forgot" to say one single word about the information campaign that Marie Billi made, and the beneficial effects of magnesium chloride. Even the news paper "Nice Matin", which revealed the action of Marie Billi, didn't write at least a line devoted to this success. Lying by omission sometimes seems to have become the specialty of the major French media, too subject to pharmaco-industrial complex.

Marie-France Billi, was moved, like everyone, by the current ravages of the Ebola virus, wondered whether magnesium chloride could or not be an effective weapon against this danger. She began to organize, with the members of her association, real testing on people, in Africa.

And this is what she wrote to me on September 2, 2014:

"Knowing the uplifting power of magnesium chloride on macrophage blood cells (the first line of defense against viruses attacking the body), of course I immediately thought of the magnesium chloride in this epidemic Ebola. So I sent two Malian nurses with 40 kg of nigari on the ground ... (Nigari is the Japanese name of magnesium chloride, as its unrefined form of white powder or crystals).

They arrived in Guinea and after many contacts with the local authorities and doctors, who did not want to help (as I expected), there is at least one caregiver from the Croix Rouge (Red Cross) who heard the message about nigari and distributed it without official permission and found it was effective !!! It also works on Ebola !!!

Just to clarify: There is a total blackout in the patients information made by « Médecins sans frontière » (Doctors without borders), they refuse to test Nigari, claiming adherence to protocols, and deny patients to access any other doctor. So the Guinean memeber of the Croix Rouge gave nigari to all people with symptoms of the disease, without sending them to the hospital. And all symptoms disappeared! "

During his work, Dr Delbet had shown all the beneficial health effects of magnesium supplementation. It is thus found that the magnesium chloride:

helps to eliminate cramps;
increases the resistance of the nails;
prevents premature whitening of the hair (white hair are often deficient in magnesium);
prevents the formation of gallstones;
prevent from eczema;
is essential for the binding of calcium to the bone;
promotes intellectual work (largest consumer of magnesium);
strengthens the nervous system;
improves resistance to stress;
avoids alterations of the prostate;
cures warts;
lowers blood hypertension;
facilitates the removal of atherosclerotic deposits in the arteries, reducing vascular risk;
avoids expulsive gingivitis (loss of teeth);
improves the performance of older people (they are often deficient in magnesium) and;
helps fighting against aging.
So its powerful effects to fight against hemorrhagic fever caused by the Ebola virus are not surprising, this virus probably profit from the malnutrition of African people.

Pierre Lance

For more information, click here: santenatureinnovation dot com/le-chlorure-de-magnesium-peut-stopper-les-effets-du-virus-ebola/#ixzz3DfS3gf7o

Found on Nature santé innovation com

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