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Does any of this sound familiar?
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Published: 8 years ago

Does any of this sound familiar?

It's been almost two years since this hellish journey began for me. Every night, like many of you, I seek answers, breakthroughs, help and hope here and through Google.
I just want to begin by saying thank you for the time you all have spent discussing morgellons. These threads have gotten me through my hardest times, given me hope and most importantly helped me see that I'm not alone.

I just wanted to outline, in a fair bit of detail, three areas of significance I don't see discussed much (or at all) that I experience daily.

I hope these details can add to the discussion, shine new light and perhaps provide new avenues for investigation.

-I can hear crunching / popping under my slippers as I walk on hard wood/ tile
-this occurs mostly at night, very little during day
-the longer I'm In a room the worse it gets
-if I stand still I begin to feel crawling in socks, up ankle to calf and shin
-This phenomenon is also magnified if the room I enter has had the lights off for a significant amount of time prior to my entry
-Under close inspection, nothing is visible with the naked eye
-Analysis of tape lifted from the surface of the floor reveals a grey/clear particulate, nothing I can identify
-this almost went away during the summer but has returned now that it is fall

-Fibers literally cover everything in my bedroom.
-I vacuum weekly, wipe down surfaces with windex, have a hepa air filter running nonstop, yet there is still a layer of white fur on all my stuff
-it falls lightly like snow when observed through a flashlight beam and floats like ash, lighter than air
- I do not own animals, I do not have carpeting
-these fibers/filiments are lighter then air, they float and spin suspended in mid air, attracted to EMF, LightBulbs, heat.
-in their longer form they are somewhat crinkled in appearance
-These longer filiments I mistook for spider webs initially but after closer inspection they actually were just a disorganized blob of fiber, half stuck to the wall, half floating off of the wall.
-from a distance they appear white, up close more of a hyaline/Saran wrap appearance
-using my USB microscope and a long usb extension cable I was able to see that some of this filament was actually blue, exactly like what we find in and on our skin.
-aside from filaments I have also observed a branched like structure, this specimen resembles exactly what others have referred to as the "morgellons feather"
-I have collected this and other specimens of interest in air tight glass containers for future analysis
-I do not have lesions
-I do have fibers, on, and in unbroken skin
-these are exactly the same colors, found in the same frequency, covered in the same goo that I see all over the Internet
-microscopic analysis of my beard hair reveals an almost acid like erosion on certain follicles exposing its hollow core
-a wet grey goo-like substance coats most of the follicles and occasionally in areas where it "globs", a clear/hyaline filament can be seen growing or attached

-I can hear a very specific type of noise inside the environment I'm in.
-the noise could be described as similar to fingernail lightly tapping the surface of drywall.
-many times it sounds as if it is coming from the back side of the wall.
-I hear this tap most times when I walk into a room
-while shaving at my bathroom mirror I often hear at least one ping off a lightbulb half a foot above my head
-it sounds like a very small pebble ricocheting off the surface of glass picture frames or hard plastic electronics
-I hear this same sound regularly in my air conditioning vents of my car, even before I've started or even put the key in the ignition
-my dresser which is situated at the foot of my bed was the first place I really started noticing this. Many nights when I would experience an extreme bout of night sweats (3-5am) I would be forced to peel off the duvet to cool off and very often I would be startled by this very loud creek coming from my dresser. Very soon after this I would experience a itching burning sensation on any exposed skin.
- at first it seemed like a coincidence, but pretty soon it became obvious that this was all connected
-I can also get a goosebumps-like reaction on my skin (if I'm not pouring in sweat) in this case my hair will stand straight up, my skin will tighten but instead of the chilled feeling I will experience an intense burning itch
-it's almost like there is something in the air right after I hear a creek because it also irritates my eyes nose the skin on my face and burns my lungs a bit when I breathe.
-I think this is why I've been suffering from a constant sinus infection, post nasal drip and an irritated heavy uvula.
-I regularly hear these noises right after I clear my throat, clear mucus from my sinus, take off clothing to get changed, enter my room wet after a shower, expose skin while sweating at night etc.

-my computer monitor and MIDI keyboard, which I spend quite a few hours infront of a week, both regularly emit noise aswell
-my bedroom is my studio and as a result I spend a lot of my day working in the room I also sleep in, I feel this makes matters worse
-this summer I decided to open up both these pieces of electronics (keyboard and monitor) to investigate what could be causing this audible "Tick" or "Tap".
-In both my keyboard and LCD computer monitor, two items that I bought brand new and have been never opened before this point, I found clusters of white fibers
-most surprising was my monitor which had a "fiber ball" between the backside of the screen and the circuit board, in an area away from the vents (which are way smaller than the ball anyway)

I've got a lot of theories as to what this may be but first I want open this up for discussion. Does anyone share these experiences ?
Do you have anything to add?

Please excuse my spelling/ grammar and short hand, I'm on my phone and it's late.
I realize a lot of this seems pretty far fetched but I assure you every word of it is true. Your experience may be different but that does not make either party wrong.

I have videos, microscopic photography, macroscopic photography and specimens to back it up.

I do not subscribe to any theory, and urge you to all keep an open mind as well. The Internet is filled with misinformation, the agendas of those that perpetuate these unsubstantiated claims are what serve to discredit our plight.

We need to all work together for our cause.

I want my life back now, I know you all do too.

Thank you again for your time


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