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and finally he cured the body odor, success
rahul365 Views: 2,242
Published: 7 years ago

and finally he cured the body odor, success

After two years suffering from these disgusting and devastating symtoms, I finally came accross with a colorectal surgeon who applied a submucosal injection of stabilized nonanimal hyaluronic acid around my anus and brought back my social and professional life again.Here you are who I am talking about: 
Here you could find some not related surgeries applied by this specialist: 
hope this could help to everyone. 

Hiplease could you detail your symptoms before this surgery?Could you explain more about the surgery (I take it the video is not the surgery you had)...what is the intention? exactly what change in symptoms did you experience? any complications? healing time etcThanksI'm really happy for you if you have found help through this method, and it is admirable that you share this info with others to try and help them.

I used to have the same symptoms many people have related in this forum: inexplicable intestinal gas releases without my knowledge. Sometimes, I felt a burning sensation around my anus when the bad smell was arousing, but I was not always aware of this sensation. There were no spots in my innerwear.The procedure is an ambulatory surgery. Just the same procedure used in cosmetics implants. One anoscopy was the single different tool they used. Even the needle they used was coming with the Restylane Perlane kit. The base of this procedure is the technique and, for obvious reasons, I don’t know it in deeply details. I inserted the video because I wanted everyone knows this is a very skilled and prepared professional team who trusted me when I said I was facing a real problem. In the first hours when I was heading to my house after the procedure I even could smell the Betadine they use to sterilize that area. I think they used a clamp to insert large Betadine embedded strands of gauze sponges inside my rectum and then retired them, but I am not sure. You’ll see, now I realized the leaky gas problem it is not a problem with the gas itself, but a problem with the sealing of our anus in relaxed state. The reason we do not escape solid or liquid material it is because our muscles are essentially in good shape. When the muscles act, the seal is complete, but we cannot go around tightening our anus continuously and we don’t feel the sensation of gases coming from that area just because the usual sensation we feel is generated by compressed air. No sealing, no compression. This is just a theory, the fact is, the hyaluronic acid seal start to work two or three days after the procedure and it is still improving the following two weeks.I didn’t feel any complications with this procedure. I was just afraid for the three days of treatment with antibiotics because I was a former adherent of the candida myth.I used to read all these stories many people has related in this site with the hope that someday someone gave us the good news I’m pleased to share today with you. Thanks for your interest and I hope everyone suffering from this problem have the kindness of keeping this post up there in order to share this experience with more people. I also hope this could be a humble expression of gratitude with my doctor. 

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