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Re: Low Carber Wins Ultramarathon - Breaks Record
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Low Carber Wins Ultramarathon - Breaks Record

Interesting that Durianrider Harley Johnstone is afraid to use his real name when entering races. I should have known to search road races for the famous elite athlete "harley vegan" (without caps because he can't find the shift key) which is the name he uses when entering races. It's probably because he's embarrassed to claim his results.

I was calling HIS marathon times pathetic for what you call an elite athlete expert nutritionist with full credentials. I wasn't referring to anyone else who runs a marathon.

Now that you've revealed the true name that he uses to enter races. I've noted that he only has two full marathon times; 3:09:45 in 2012 (325th place) and 3:18:48 in 2010 (still slower than me at 10 years older). That's 45 minutes to an hour slower than the true elite athletes, who finish marathons at 2:10 - 2:20 for males.

Wake up to reality! He's not an elite athlete. The longer the distance of the race, the further away from elite he gets, which indicates that endurance is not his strong suit. For short races 5K (3.1 miles) and 10K (6.2 milers) he's OK, but his personal best 5K was 16:56 in 2010 (as I already said). His most recent 5K was in NYC at 17:56. As I said, my one and only 5K race time was 18:59 at the age of 44 against his 17:56 at the age of 34. He's no more elite than I am, but I'm happy to be called an elite athlete if you truly believe that he's elite.

Don't make the Strava challenge out to be some elite road race, again trying to impress the readers on this forum. Strava is an app that you download to your phone. The Strava challenge is a very unofficial online contest that relies on the honor system. You record your cycling mileage for one month, no matter where you live or how fast you go, and enter your mileage online. The person who enters the most miles wins! If your honest about what you're entering for mileage, all you need is a lot of free time. If your not so honest, you can just enter whatever you want. But since harley vegan is a real honest person with the utmost integrity, I'm sure he entered his mileage perfectly honestly. You've been duped into thinking Strava is some kind of elite cycling race like the Tour de France, although Strava does sound like some kind of cool Italian race.

You're soooo brainwashed by this guy.

Q&A from the Strava challenge:
Can I add runs and rides manually, or do I have to use a GPS device?
Yes, you can add an activity to Strava even if you didn't record it with a GPS device. Strava lets you enter the type, time and distance for any activity. This is a great way to keep track of other activities like yoga or indoor workouts, or for the times you may forget your device. Read this article for more information.

Ooooh! and the dreaded Rostrevor Lions Club Blackhill Challenge and OPAL Family Walk. The most competitive Lions Club 15K (9.3 mile) race in all of Rostrevor. What an amazing finish in this very elite road race of 111 of the most competitive male and female runners in the greater Blackhill Valley. They travel as far away as the neighboring village of Tranmere to compete for the $200 1st place prize money in this race. At least he finished 10 minutes ahead of the first woman and took $75 in prize money.

This is just way too easy.

Ok so you confirmed that Colpo is a reliable source once again. Here's more about what he says about honest harley vegan:

Dear Readers,

Harley Johnstone a.k.a “Durianrider” is a vegan activist hailing from Adelaide, South Australia who owns a website called “30 Bananas a Day”. Mr Johnstone has a long history of launching unprovoked online attacks at those whose writings he happens to disagree with, and his previous antics include making threats of physical violence to US vegan proponent David Wolfe.

Johnstone frequently posts at his own and other websites under the moniker Durianrider and various other aliases.

A few days ago, I was made aware that on May 22, 2012 an individual using the alias “Adelaide Andy” made numerous malicious claims about yours truly at the 30 Bananas a Day website. Among the more serious of these were the following:

The claim that I am a “fraud”;
The claim that he sold to me the anabolic drugs testosterone and “Dbol” (dianabol) in 2005;
The claim that I complained and demanded a return of the monies I paid for the drugs after they caused me to suffer hair loss;
That I receive welfare in the form of unemployment benefits;
That I have “spent the last 8 years juicing steroids and posting crap on under many accounts.”
That a picture of myself posted on my website was taken in 2005, and that I have since suffered a decline in my physical condition to the point where I am now sporting a “gut” (common parlance for excessive bodyfat in the stomach region).
All of these claims are patently false and defamatory. I have sought legal advice and rest assured I will be pursuing this matter vigorously. As such, I will not comment further except to say the following:

I do not take steroids. I have stated on a number of occasions that I am happy to undergo testing for any and all steroids at the accuser’s expense.
In 2005, I lived in Melbourne, Victoria. I did not obtain anabolic steroids from anyone either in that state or during visits to South Australia.
This individual claims “I used to train with Anthony Colpo at Fitness First at Payneham”. This is most unlikely as I have never set foot upon any Fitness First property let alone trained in their facilities.
The current absence of hair on my cranium is caused by the voluntary use of shaving apparatus, not anabolic steroids.
I am self-employed, and do not receive unemployment benefits nor any other form of government welfare.
I have not posted any material at in the last 8 years, using my own name nor any alias.
The photo appearing at my website, and at the defamatory thread at 30 Bananas a Day, was taken not in 2005 but on October 14, 2010 and fairly represents my current physical condition.
Kind regards,

Anthony Colpo.

So once again, zero credentials, and even worse, questionable integrity.

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