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Peeling Lips, Exfoliative Cheiltis Peeling Lips
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Published: 6 years ago

Peeling Lips, Exfoliative Cheiltis Peeling Lips

Hi, have suffered with what I now know to be exfoliative cheilitis or what I used to think was simply dry peeling lips which would try to get better then peel off after day 3, I thought I was the only person I knew who suffered uniquely with this ridiculous ailment, however I learnt to control it by avoiding anything made of petrolatum or Vaseline, and using almond oil to keep them moist and to prevent peeling. I was amazed when I found the peeling lips Forum on curezone that I was not the only one to have this.

I have experienced most of the things others have posted about, the embarresment when it reaches day 5 to 7 etc. However, not knowing how to cure this I eventually learnt to keep them moist using vegetable oils and being careful of letting them get wet as we all know they will turn white.
When I became almost vegetarian, that it I no longer eat poultry or red meats only the ocassional fish my skin was far more improved so that no one really knows that I have this except for when eating out I avoid any foods that are rich in tomato sauces or very salty or vinegary, and that only I know that I get papery peelings every 7th to the 8th day, I have previously dieted but to no avail, I am however
trying some new things with great interest and this is my first posting to curezone,and I would like to mention what
has been working and what to avoid.

First I got this I believe from using chapstick, I bit my lips a lot as a child and thought nothing of it in my early teans E.C struck and when using chapstick I believe that I infected my lips because they just continued splitting etc every third day etc..until I got older and learnt to use natural oils. Aquaphor forget it they peeled within half a day of using this, and just about every other cream or whatever I bought to control this ailment. I have come to the conclusion reading some of the comments of past posters to this site, it is a bacterial infection and in my teens not only did I have greasy skin but probably was consuming lots of chocolates and sweets, and my friends used to marvel because I was very skinny but I now understand that I probably had candida on going as well.

To jump to the present yes I drink through a straw in the privacy of my home but not when socialising have learnt the art of sipping without them getting wet (absurd but you learn to do it if you have to), but I the once weekly papery peeling within day 7 or 8 earlier if in order to socialise I drank normally with friends (i.e sans straw).

So I would like to share with you that since being laid off work I decided to remain hole up in my home whilst I experimented with some of the suggestions on this forum. I tried 11 years lemon brushing of the lips although I was a bit more gentle with it and to my amazement I reached day 10 before they peeled off, confirming my suspiciouns that this is an infection. I did not continue but I knew that if I did something would break through because the new skin seemed stronger and pinker, unfortunately because of social commitments I could not continue but I knew I might check it out again. Presently, if my hypotheses is correct and it is infection as I have read on this forum overgrowth from the gut ( in my case with my sweet tooth I wouldn't be surprised..I once went on holiday to Spain with 10 bars of British chocolate for my entire holiday I did not know anything about candida!)

I am now looking to treat it as an infection and not as dry lips. What I am doing for the past few weeks is dabbing Noxema on them very little, and the applying some honey, the first week I did this I noticed that they peeled off reluctantly by day 11 and I was more able to socialise than the lemon brushing method (which made lips bit white by day 5)anyway noxemea has phenol oin it which is like carbolic and this seems to dry out the white line that everyone talks about.

The honey again very little just a dab keeps them moist I am also carrying some olive oil in case they dry out anyway, last week I reached day 16 after which they peeled if I did not have to socialise and kept holed up for the next 2 weeks I was certain that I would be healed. I am treating my lips as if they are similar in infection to Acne or any other skin infection. Keeping them dry from water but moist with honey the ordinary honey which is like thick butter I cannot afford the manuka one at the moment and this is doing fine, so far.



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