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The science behind exfoliative cheilitis
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Published: 6 years ago

The science behind exfoliative cheilitis

The reason our lips split peel,etc is because of infection, namely Staph aureus, I have made a study of this with regards to my own situation of over thirty years of living with this and with the help of forums like curezone and the internet I think I have come closer to understanding this disease. I got my laptop in July 2012 and when I found this forum, I spent days an weeks reading over what others had posted coming to the realisation that they too had what I had. Anyway, from what I have read and understood, this is a skin infection of the Staph aureus genus, because of the weeping, the crusting, the splitting and the exfoliating of the skin usually within a period of 5 to 7 days on average. So lets learn a little bit about Staph aureus. There are over 30 different kinds but they behave in the same way, they are behind skin infections such as boils, inmpetigo, ecxzema etc, in its virulent form it become MRSA. Staph aureus lives on the skin from 3 to 38 days lives at ph level of between 4.2 to 9.3 the ph of human skin is just fine for its survival. It is found in the gut, gastrointestinal tract, and mucous membranes including the oral cavity of our mouths and on our skin and especially our nasal passages. In normal circumstances it does not effect us, but should our immune system be fragile it can overgrow and cause us lots of discomfort especially in where it hits us. Since our condition is E.C. it has gotten into our fragile vermillion border of our lips (one of the thinnest parts of the skin in our body, and it got there because we breached the secure lining of the skin there by biting etc and because the infection was already in our saliva, the bacteria moved in and set up residence and decided to breed there, eating what we eat from off our lips, as I said earlier before i became semi vegetarian and was a heavy meat eater., I too suffered the Danial Miller experiance and would not live the house, my parents were not very understanding either and kept saying whats the matter with your lips, because I used to drink tea , coffee etc without a straw by day 4 they were pretty anti-social looking and between white and yellowing crusty skin which I thought was my skin trying to heal itself. I knew I had caused it through nervous biting etc.. but i never expected this to happen to my lips and worst of all my appearance. So as said previous post I learnt that a key to controlling it was drinking through a straw,  bathing showering keep my face from getting wet ( I always wash my face separately, avoiding that are.) Did I feel suicidal in my teens yes..been there done that! Once I learnt the magic of drinking through a straw not getting them wet and avoiding 100% of all man made lip salves, I could cope, yes I have a once a week peel but like said in previous post not many people know I have this Most of the week my lips are glossy (honey and olive oil) being a woman it just looks like I've got lip gloss on come day day 7 or 8 I can feel the tightness of them wanting to shed.they just peel off themselves and then I am free for the next 7 days. But what a rediculous way to live do any of you remember pulling faces as a child, and now there are days when you have to be careful because your lips feel tight or that feeling of  them wanting to crack. So back to Staph aurueus This bacteria can be caught by contagion i.e using the towel etc of someone who is infected or by a tear in skin like a bite, or even a splinter. I know how i got mine, Once in the breached area it produces toxic hydrolytic enzymes on the host tissue (our lips) it lives off the oils food whatever that our lips have been in contact with, and it will attack your lips with its toxic enzymes, create a biofilm at the microscopic level where it makes a colony of itself and starts to  replicate itself burrowing deeper into the skin layers, and by day 7 or when your lips skin doesn't have any more food for it, it dessicates, desquaminates, the skin and exfoliates your lips skin while it moves into the fresh new layer ready to start all over again. In extreme cases (should you still be eating hamburgers coke and french fries) and it is day 4 going on day 5 your lips will be weeping, crusting and probably have a yellowish tinge mixed with the white of the dieing skin, and your social life will be somewhat jeopardised. So this is what Staph does. For those who talk about leaving it alone, if that worked for anyone they do not have E.C. Staph. Aureus is facultative anarerobic bacteria, meaning it can grow happily with or without oxygen and loves moisture, (reason why keeping lips dry helps).Staph aureus, can live off a plastic hospital curtain for 3 MONTHS JUST by it being able to live off nothing but air and water. By the way it can also live in a salty environment of 15% of salt in Saline solution. Palacima I believe i read a posting where you tried to wash your lips in a saline solution and nothing happened I hope that now you know why. Staph aureus is THE ONLY BACTERIA WHICH CAUSES EXFOLIATION, and in sever cases weeping, pus etc.. I am going to have a break now, and hope to come back with the next posting about the possible cure. I am still not used to using the internet and hope that I can adequately upload this message. Will be back within 24 or 48 hours.









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