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How I know it is more of a bacterial infection and not Fungi
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Published: 6 years ago

How I know it is more of a bacterial infection and not Fungi

In reply to White shark,s quiry, how do I know that it is not fungal (in my case) because I am the best observer of my condition, previously when I had used a Clotrimazole cream to treat all fungal infections, I was on day 4 of my E.C and they peeled off later that day very easily, telling me that my skin was rejecting the medication, it made them also go white faster than normal they just peeled, and I decided to discontinue it.
It was when I made a study of E.C. and read that a lot of people got this during puberty as well as that other condition which being Acne and I felt very bugged about that because I got my E.C almost within 2 weeks of my 13th birthday and it coincided with the start of my menses. I had greasy skin then ate a lot of junk food, but I remember being very stressed. I was nervous about going back to school after the holidays, we were changed into different streams in classes and I was biting my lips a lot I was upgraded to a higher stream (which meant I was now in a different class to all my friends), I just felt very nervous and frightened about everything, would I do well, would I be able to make the grade at school, with my parents, it was a stressful time. One nervous day I remember knowing that I had bitten my lips a bit too much later they became uncomfortable and dry, so I decided to buy some chapstick, and they felt moistened at first but then after a week the cycle of peeling begun and never ceased. In those days it was every 3 to 4 days and they looked bad. Anyway, as I thought about Acne and e.c. presenting themselves at this period of most young peoples lives I began to as my self that the connection between them could be, when I read that amongst other bacteria Staph aureus was chiefly to be found amongst Acne sufferers,and knowing that in my experiment the antifungical cream proved to be hopleless I began to look at my condition from the perspective of being a bacterial infection. Like acne there can be yellowing weeping and encrustation to the skin, the person with acne doesn't seem able to shake it off the person with e.c is also in the same boat. On this forum I have heard of some really wild theories like the soapdish cure...I decided not to follow that I decided to try to cure myself using an antibacterial probably acne remedy cream (if it can get rid of Staph and its other bacterial cousins I was at least going to give it a try. I googled the most recommended acne clearing product on the market, I got Noxzema, the guy that used it said it cleared his skin in a week, I was impressed but a bit cynical I have so many creams that I have used once only to discard and go onto the next cure. What impressed me was what the guy reviewing Noxzema said and also that it was created in something like 1912 by two doctors in the U.S for the treatment of excema..having been to many doctors and given up on all of them I was intrigued enough to go our and buy some, if it did nothing I can still use it to wash my hands, since it is more like a wash than a moisturising face cream (I was allergic to all of those!)
I liked the fact it was also called No-excema (please God let this be it). So I bought some for around £3.50 it wasn,t going to break the bank, this was another experiment to get rid of my by now well behaved e.c. condition but still there would come days when I feel like why cant I be 100% normal. So I first washed my face with it avoiding my lips just to see how it felt on my face first, my skin felt clean and soft and strangely moist but not oily, then I decided to dab some on my lips a very small amount about the tip of my little finger (this is the only way I could get my hands on an anti-microbial substance without the G.P
visit. It felt very soothing on my lips, unlike the antifungicidal thing, and this is weird but my lips felt very calm, very soothed,i put on them a little virgin olive oil and went about my business. So now it is day 11 and they feel like they want to peel but like they want to stay on my skin as well. Well in over 30 years they have Never peeled within 11 days something must be working! I read up more on Staph aureus, and discovered that it is KILLED by
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE! So being of a scientific and reasonably experimental nature, I decided to add some honey the ordinary one that looks like butter not the clear liquid one. I decided after applying the dabs of Noxzema I would now put a little honey on top of that on my lips plus moisten my lips with again a single drop of water on my palm which I would dab onto the that they honey would moisturize them and the tiny drop of water would be enough to start the honey begin to release Hydrogen peroxide so that that would kill the staph infection on my lips. I made my skin inhospital to this bacterial infection this time my lips reluctantly peeled on day 16 I was shocked and excited to see my diagnosis and treatment of my condition, working, I am reminded of the guy who used Otex solution), but I can see that the urea in that medicine would be good for softening the skin and helping with build up, the hydrogen peroxide in it would also kill bacterial infection. I prefer my protocol. The Science behind it is similar to mine but that is a commercial ear cleaning solution and I am not to comfortable with that being on my lips. So for now I am continuing the Noxzema and honey treatment and on day 10 yes day 10 I introduce the olive oil because my lips start to go through a healing crises and the olive oil helps keep them soft an moist.
Before I finish, would like to add that have discovered that candida alb. and Staph. aureus, sometimes form a biofilm on the skin making treating of any skin ailment difficult to medically administer i.e. does the doctor take the antifungal route or does he go for antibacterial medicines, I also discovered that both leech iron from their host, is that why so many people on this forum say their lips have improved after adding vit b or b12 etc yo their diet. So the fact that we can have both candidiasis infection on our lips as well as staph or even strep bacteria, but mine seems to be more bacterial because of the success I have had using Noxzema an antibacterial cleanser, of course I am waiting now to see whether my skin will pass day 16 as the peeling threshold. On another subject I am taking 1-2 thousand milligrams of time release vit c and drinking 1 teaspoon of turmeric in hot water 3 times a day to clear staph or any fungal issues I may not be aware of (earth clinic). I hope my post helps some of you out there.

moving in the right direction.

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