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The cycle of Peeling
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Published: 6 years ago

The cycle of Peeling

Was invited to a party on Saturday night a round the table dinner kind of thing, I was on e.c day 5, since using noxema as an antibacterial medicine as explained in previous
posts it has stopped my lips from fissuring and cracking with the last peeling happening on the 16th day,so I was not too worried about the dinner party with the problems of the skin of my lips playing up. unfortunately they peeled today e.c cycle being day 6. I am still not to worried as I know how to control the condition somehow, but I did have lots of fruit juice and red wine and my skin could not take all that wetness etc, so it peeled off. Wanted to say that this cycle of peeling seems to be also linked to the amount of infection we may have on our lips and in our bodies. Today when they crusted and fell off ( the punishment of the wine etc.. hey I was not going to bring out a straw seated amongst everyone around me lol,)I had a great time and my skin paid the price! Basically when my skin is kept dry except for the noxema and honey that I am usinf I have got it so that I am O.k until after day 14....15..16. its as if I don't know what is going to do that will encourage the peeling to happen, previously I snagged my top lip on e.c day 13 putting on a jumper as I was putting it on quickly! so basically I think that the phenol in noxema which is like carbolic acid which is what doctors use to wash their hands with is chief amongst the rest of the ingredients in it which helps disinfect my skin, I have also noticed that my lips stay pinker for a longer period of time like by e.c day 10 they start to get paler and paler as the shedding day nears. I have also come to the conclusion that my saliva and stomach etc has got something to do with it today especially, because the crusts seem to push out from the lips in the vermillion border. my lips being pinker I think is because what I am doing is inhibiting bacterial growth. but this e.c. thing is a nasty little......and when our skin exfoliates you know how our lips are red and they feel a bit damp, I think in that freshly exfoliated skin is the biofilm where it (the bacteria) prepares to grow another cycle of skin, and on and on and on, until we can find a way to put a stop to it. the reason I can stave off exfoliation until day 16 so far is because I have found something that has upset previous shorter cycles. I am not sure if in a previous post I had explained my findings that if fact the
Staph aureus and candidiasis biofilms including a couple of other bacteriums get together and combine to form a new entity of mixed both
fungal and bacterial organisms so that the doctor/derm may find difficulty in diagnosing a medicine for this condition. Since I have given up on them and am doing my own healing protocol, I have learnt a lot about this condition but I can now see why doctors can be flummoxed, and why a lot people cant seem to be cured.
I understand that for a lot of you day 4 is the danger day,
what I will say is that you will have to find out whether your condition is fungal or bacterial. In my opinion skin fungi especially of the paper thin vermillion border in e.c should respond to an OTC fungal remedy within 2-3 weeks (I read that somewhere also from a doctors opinion an treating fungal infections. The fungal infections of a toe nail can take up to 6 months to heal because a nail is thick and not like skin, if its bacteria you can do what I am doing and it is a bit of hit and miss as to which cream etc you use which will work for you. I read on the internet of a guy had e.c for 4 years and he used a hand antibacterial gel as well as Cetaphil hand face wash before he was healed. I know for myself that anything with sodium laureth sulphate and or petrolatum means my skin will be likely to peel, someone on this foum (the guy who posted about Otex) recommended blistex medicated (trust me on that he said) I did even though I saw petrolatum listed on it,after I applied it my lips were in shreds on day 4, so we can see how important it is to know our skin. The other thing is to be very careful in selecting a cream or a treatment that it does not make your skin soggy. I have discovered that moist, antibacterial, not wet is the way I have gone in choosing my treatment and moving from e.c. peel off day for to day 16 so far. Day 7 is nothing if you have an infection, and in fact the problem I had with my skin peeling after 2 weeks and 2 days is that my skin was very red its at the stage where it doesn't know wether to exfoliate or stay on, and gets pretty inflamed. I feel a bit like a detective getting closer to the cause of my woes, so I decided to now also take 1 tablespoon of olive oil because I think that I now have to attack this whatever in my guts as well, also bought myself manuka honey NPA(non peroxide activity because I heard it is more effective in blocking out the bacteria and protecting the skin (kind of like the bacteria drowns in the tightly packed Sugar molecules) will see how that goes. Our friend in the post next to mine recommends Suave cream I checked it out, its the retinyl palmitates in the list of ingredients listed 3rd from last and it converts to retinol and ultimately retinoic acid an active form of vit A same as in retin A which can help exfoliatie the SICK skin and maybe help clear infection, and give some of you some respite from the constant peelings, the price is also very good but I would not recommend this to anyone who is allergic to petrolatum for the rest of you its pretty good. I think there is more to this disease than meets the eye but anything that can help us to get on with as normal a life as possible is to be welcomed.

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