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Jesus, Mohammad and corrupted scriptures.
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Published: 7 years ago

Jesus, Mohammad and corrupted scriptures.

This is the first time I'm posting on this side. I have read a few posts and I'm glad to see some honest and open minded people here.

I'm the type of person that doesn't say things that I'm not sure of. I don't believe things, I seek evidence. Unfortunately the evidence that I have accumulated is empirical only and one can only speak as a witness.

I bring up the postulate that the Bible has been corrupted long before the crusades. I also postulate that Mohammad's teachings have been corrupted into the current mess it has become.

I live in the Philippines and in my area about 5% of the population are Muslim. They tend to have a reputation as cheats in business. But that aside, most of the Muslim population here are fleeing from Mindanao or further south, trying to get away from the hard core Abu Sarif and to seek freedom from these not very peace seeking nominal Muslim groups.

I dare say that Mohammad really did receive messages from Angels. But he wrote nothing, things could change within oral traditions. But as with the Bible, there were things changed and removed and it was not accidental. The mission of Islam was to spread Science and knowledge. And indeed it was Islam that kept the flame of civilization alive and prevented Europe from degenerating into barbaric tribes.

The message that equates spirituality with poverty was a concoction to maintain the power of Rome. This occurred before the split. To this day there are those orders that think its wonderful to suffer privations.

But I know (empirical here) Jesus lives, he forgives sin and heals the sick. He does not intend for us to suffer. His power is love and it is power is so potent that it manifests as pure light.

Jesus does not judge us, we judge ourselves. His love is unconditional and Mohammad's alleged statements that Christians and Jews are the lowest form of humanity is a clear message of the purposeful corruption of his original message.

Sadly I have seen Christians quake in fear of the notion of God. God seems to have some sort of mental disorder, narcissistic by nature; a perfect reflection of a model Roman emperor. Caligula or Nero perhaps?

So if the traditions and literature are corrupted what do we do? What has value? What is life's purpose? We all desire to be happy, but it is sin that blocks us from our desired joy and happiness.

Its time we go directly to the source. Jesus is real and Angels are real. If we persist (and it may take years) they will come and instruct. (actually they are eager to help, it is our own subconscious beliefs that block us from perceiving.)

There are prevalent beliefs that God no longer speaks to man, or that we are not good enough and lucky that God (Zeus) doesn't strike us down. These too have been purposely manufactured so that certain base and vile men can continue in power and opulence.

It is possible and quite needful to find out for ourselves. The only thing stopping us is our lack of faith. Please remember faith is something that just doesn't change overnight. It takes time, and remember we can always ask for help.
Then after when you have achieved this, few will listen ;)

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