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Re: Msm major healing crisis or something else?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Msm major healing crisis or something else?

The reason you have white or lightly colored stools is because of a liver/gallbladder issue. The green-brown color of your stool comes from bile, which is created by the liver. Bile also provides important parasite cleansing actions for the intestines. If there is an issue with your bile production then parasites will overgrow in the intestines and cause pain/constipation/heartburn. Part of the solution to this is to look into Liver Flushing. I would recommend going against the recommendation of once every two weeks to once a week, or even more frequently if acute symptoms persist. Do it as you feel you need it and eventually tail off to once every 2 weeks. The other part of the solution is MSM.

There is no way the MSM caused the white stools. It doesn't do that. While you probably felt more energy, the dosage you were at, 1G, is way too small to have a significant effect on your intentional tract. There is also a body of thousands of people who have taken MSM without that effect.

The nausia, and shakyness and flu like symptoms you experienced, even if long lasting through the morning, are normal, and might be from parasite toxicity. If you feel the nausea is overwhelming, while not absolutely necessary, Chollera is great for binding to the toxins and clearing them in short order.

The fever is concerning, however, and you should see a urgent care for any high grade fever in the future. Simple toxicity from die off doesn't cause fevers. High grade fevers more than 103+, or low grade fevers lasting more than a 48 hours, or fevers associated with vomiting or diarrhea, can mean something is seriously wrong. The rest I wouldn't worry about, though.

The therapeutic dose of MSM for cases like yours is typically 15 grams+, I would suggest continuing to work yourself up. You will know you are at your proper dose of MSM when your intestines are completely PAIN FREE. Every single pain you have in your intestines is because of a parasite. There is no way to have pain without parasites present - hernias, tumors, ulcers, lesions, cancers, fissures, polyposis, etc are all caused by parasites. The body doesn't naturally create those things. If you feel pain or inflammation, that means the parasites are still there!

Also, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide therapy is something else to look into once you begin following the above protocols, have achieved significant improvement, but are still looking to completely clear the issue. I've had great results when combining MSM with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. It can completely clean out your galbladder and kidneys too, not just your intestines. Your body naturally produces Hydrogen Peroxide when dealing with parasites and will recognize it a a substance natural to it and use it where needed.

Also, don't forget about probiotics and proper nutrition. When you are feeling better ramp up on the probiotics - I like what the literature says about soil-based organisms myself. Good luck!

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