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Re: Think again
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Think again

Thanks for your response, White Shark.

I agree with you, there's no shortcuts to health. But still I'm trying to improve my health, trying to find what works specifically for me.

Answers to your questions:
Do you consume any sugar? None
Alcohol? None
Wine? None
Wine vinegar? None
Industrially processed foods? None
GMO foods? None
Sodas? None
Fast foods? None
Foods with preservatives ? None

I'm on a strict Paleo diet (100% unprocessed foods, loads of raw vegetables, a lot of nuts, seeds, some organic fish, organic eggs, sometimes organic meat, some fruits that are low in sugar, sometimes kefir).
This change in my diet was the best thing about my severe acne. It really improved my health considerably. My Acne was reduced from severe to moderate and lately it's mild, but it's still there, especially if I eat something wrong (like dried fruit that are high in sugar), so something still isn't right here, I used to be much more tolerant to various foods and never had any allergies. I want to heal myself.

I've also tried a strict raw Vegan diet for over 4 months with no processed foods, but it didn't work nearly as well. Things that was causing massive breakouts for me were fruit high in Sugar (like bananas) and potatoes, tomatoes seemed to break me out at the lower jaw only.

I even tried Water Fasting for 5 days, didn't help, but I was extremely exhausted afterwards.

I've also tried some natural remedies:
-Eating a lot of Red Cabbage Sauerkraut (I felt something going on when I was eating it, a massive die off of candida or something like that, made me feel sleepy, it was really weird, I think it had a positive effect)
-Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with baking soda, lemon juice and water (I've tried this long ago already and it seems to be most effective in making me more resistant to break outs, at least that was true when I wasn't on a strict Paleo diet)
-Liver flushing, 4 times (didn't notice any positive effects yet, but I'm willing to do more, I've read that there's a lot of people on curezone who cured Acne and peeling lips with Liver Flushing)
-Salt water flush, 3 times (didn't notice any positive effects)
-Oil pulling for 2 months (no noticeable positive effect yet)
-Taking Coconut oil on empty stomach before sleep (I think it breaks me out just a little bit, no noticeable positive effects)
-Drinking one tablespoon of Bentonite every morning to detox for 1 month (didn't notice any positive effects)

Things I might try in the future:
-Keep doing Liver Flushes once a month
-Remove my root canal tooth. I'm still thinking if I should do it or maybe I should look for the problem elsewhere.
-Consume 2 tablespoons of Diatomacious Earth every day, to improve digestion and I've also heard that it's great for the skin, possibly it could help with my skin problems? I've also heard there might be a strong connection between your gut and Acne and possibly my peeling lips.
-Do some enemas (I've never tried it and I've heard that it might destroy the a lot of bacteria, which in turn can cause other problems, but maybe I'm wrong here)

I don't know what else, there seems to be so many remedies, I'm lost here. Does anyone have any suggestions, how should I diagnose my problems and what remedies should I try first to heal myself?

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