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Successful first flush post-Accutane w/ results!
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Published: 8 years ago

Successful first flush post-Accutane w/ results!

So I finally built the courage to do a Liver Flush after very little else over 10 years has worked...

To provide some background on my story - I was in my late teens when I developed cystic shoulder Acne which eventually spread to my face in my early years of University. Desperate for an answer I tried everything from Antibiotics to Accutane. It was on Accutane that I suffered almost every side in the warning label, got mixed into serious drugs and alcohol and eventually became very sick and stopped the course at 6 months.

My Acne problem was gone but I now had major health issues starting with a massive fever and complete collapse in which I thought I might have HIV or Hepatitis. The relentless fatigue never let go, giving way to depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, muscle loss, dark bags under eyes, pale complexion, erectile issues, general loss in drive, allergies, intolerances, malabsorption, etc. etc.

I went to see the school doctor/psych who over the next two years put me on every anti-depressant/anti-psychotic in the book until I realized they were doing nothing and stopped.

It was at this time that something led me down the hormonal path to which I learned that all of my hormones were shot. I'm talking all adrenal, sex, thyroid were bottomed out. I traveled to the US for the most elite hormone replacement therapy which only seemed to mask the underlying problem.

I came off of all of that to pursue the natural route.
Having taken almost every herbal supplement in the book, nothing seemed to be working. I finally realize from symptoms that I was suffering from a severe gluten intolerance which would have me bed ridden for days if I had a piece of pizza or drank beer. This was my first breakthrough discovery as I work a very stressful job with a family and was very close to going on disability. It provided me significant relief.

My next big breakthrough was finding zinc and P5P. They helped my symptoms greatly, and for a while thought I may have pyroluria but tests for that came back negative. The only other link I could make as to why the supplements were helping was they are both linked quite closely to the liver.

All the while I was suffering with serious digestive issues. My stool had been yellow for as long as I can remember, and ruling out Giardia and having stopped gluten this was still happening. I realized I wasn't creating enough bile. I also tied in a major cholesterol problem as in I'm not seemingly creating any (all hormones are generated from cholesterol) and the tight relation between accutane (and prescrip. meds), liver/gallbladder, bile, cholesterol, toxins, etc. and realized that something was probably broken in that chain. I ordered ox bile which seemed to help me breakdown fats better, and my stools changed color to darker I knew it's what I was missing. Another issue I realized was that the bile I was taking was removing what little cholesterol I had in my system and thus dropping my hormones even more.

Regardless I was scared of the liver cleanse because I was tired of thinking I knew where the problem may lie, but then finding out later it wasn't the case. This time I had a lot more confidence however, I knew Accutane was nasty on the liver and I knew my severe gluten intolerance and health issues started while on this, and I knew my bile production was just not there and I knew my cholesterol was off. As a whole they say you know when you're liver/gallbladder isn't acting well. I must be a poster boy because I'm extremely sluggish and I have been a zombie walking through life for too long. How it took me this long to get here is beyond me but I finally built the courage to start cleaning my liver out. Did the Hulda Clark special...

I chose to do it on New Year's day, of course when I was hungover (mistake #1). I highly recommend not doing this as you are already dehydrated going in and in fact I learned one needs to be be very hydrated as Epsom Salts gave me a headache and I don't get headaches... ever. Of note I didn't do any pre-apple juice/acid/special herbs leading up to the big day. And I didn't find drinking the olive oil/gf juice very difficult just the last gulp of oil which didn't mix well. I didn't really feel much in the liver/gb area and didn't take ornithine either (after all of these years I am a glutton for punishment and my pain tolerance is extremely high). I didn't suffer much in the way of discomfort but I did have intense itching all over my body after taking the oil/gf mix I'm talking it would move from one part of my body to another every second. This went into the next morning and the only other time I experienced this was drinking coffee. I also noticed my legs being very restless and having to move them often. Though i was very tired and not in any discomfort i couldn't fall asleep until about 3AM - something was obviously going on inside of me to keep me awake I thought. The next morning I woke up extremely tired like I had gone through a war, I think a small part of that was dehydration mind you.

... well lo and behold throughout the morning I had about about 6 stools about 30 minutes apart and I passed all that you see in the pic... many stones. I was shocked, I still am, but I guess it makes sense considering my past and it seems like I have very far to go. My biggest stone about the size of a Canadian dime, and what looks like a mashed pigment stone (black) or perhaps a dead parasite off to the left.


I plan on incorporating additional methods in my next flushes. I hear some people have issues getting stones out on first try. Makes me think I have a lot of these to go before I get clean and start feeling marginally better.

Of note I do feel a little better today, though tired from the battle. Could be placebo and happy to just have this junk out of my body and on a path to wellness.

Thanks to all here who have provided guidance, the world needs more people like you.

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