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Liver flush gone good - Hulda Clark!

Epsom Salt Capsules
Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

Epsom Salt Capsules
Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

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Published: 8 years ago
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Liver flush gone good - Hulda Clark!


I've only started Hulda Clark 's flush programs and realize this poor woman was maligned her whole life by complete ignorant fools.

Albert Einstein's quote comes to mind: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former."

A little over ten years ago I was a volunteer worker in the third world, dealing with sick animals and people in extreme impoverished areas. I used to de-worm every 2-3 months as a preventative measure with some seriously potent pharmaceuticals often used in these countries and recommended for severe parasite and worm infestation (you can buy anything OTC there).

A year before I left to return to the West I got hepatitis during the monsoon, and a few months later did an ultrasound and was diagnosed with an enlarged liver twice the size of a normal liver. The doctor told me it was enlarged because I was "overweight". I was a size 6. I never drank any alcohol or consumed any meat or fish products since I was a vegetarian. This condition made no sense to me.

On my return I started to put on weight like a small hippo without changing my diet. My stomach in particular became like a false pregnancy. No matter what I did I could not lose the stomach or the weight. I even hired a trainer and did bodybuilding for 4 months without any improvements at all. The trainer could not figure out why nothing was working.

Ten years later (three years ago) I was diagnosed with cysts of the kidney. The symptoms also indicated I had cysts of the liver as well. I would hold a lot of water retention. My stomach is huge yet my calorie intake is almost half of a normal person. I would get knife sharp stabbing pains in the kidney, gall bladder, liver.

I was getting absolutely nowhere with the doctors who did nothing but prescribe BP meds for me since cysts cause high blood pressure. I was feeling more and more sick, tired, suffer from severe back pains, difficulty sleeping, bloated from the moment I woke up before eating anything.

A few days ago I was so frustrated with the situation, I decided that I could try maybe a flush or extended fasting which may suit within my churchmouse budget.

I had heard about Hulda Clark and looked up her recommendations. I could only afford the Black-Walnut tincture, Wormwood tincture, cloves, Epson salt and some apple juice and a little bit of olive oil. I couldn't afford a full bottle of olive oil or the grape fruits, the Arginine, Ornithine. I didn't have funds to buy all the measuring cups and so on.

DAY ONE: While waiting for my order for the tinctures to arrive I did a soft launch the first day on an empty stomach after 2pm taking 1 tbsp Epson salt with a glass of water every 3-4 hours until bedtime. (why waste time, right?)

I started having the runs pretty quick. The next day the worse bloating was much reduced which felt like a nice relief.

DAY TWO: I had a rest day with food the second day as normal.

DAY THREE: The third day, still without the tinctures, I had a cup of Apple juice every 4 hours. I repeated the epson salt with water from 2pm til midnight on an empty stomach. I noticed some odd crap coming out of me (lol!) but wasn't sure if I was only trying to project it to something more than it was. The empty stomach routine seems crucial for results.

DAY FOUR: On the fourth day my tinctures arrived in the afternoon. I stopped all food intake. I then took 1 tbs of Wormwood tincture and 1 tbs of Black-Walnut tincture every 3 hours with Apple juice til midnight.

DAY FIVE: The fifth day I started the Epson after 2pm, ending any food intake and used:

1/2 cup of Apple juice with
1 tsp of Wormwood tincture
1 tsp of Black-Walnut tincture
1/2 tbsp Epson salt in one glass of water
Chewing 3-4 cloves

I continued with this every 3-4 hrs until bedtime.

Now comes the interesting part....

Late in the evening as I went for my 7th or 8th toilette run I almost puked when I saw the entire toilette bowl filled with A MASSIVE STRING OF TAPE WORM!!! It must have been at least 20 ft long judging by the volume of it bundled up. It was so disgusting... I was pretty shocked.

I ended the evening by taking half a large cup of olive oil mixed with half a large cup of Apple juice and lemon juice.

Next morning I had the runs (lol!) but didn't notice anything different than the yellow runs from previous days. To be honest I am so grossed out by that tape worm I'm almost scared to look what's behind my ass when I lift it above the toilette seat!

DAY SIX: The next morning I repeated the Epson salt, plus tinctures in Apple juice every two hours (7am, 9am, 11am).

Then at noon I had to rush to the toilette and had flushed out about half a coffee cup of what seems to be yellow coated STONES of various sizes including two that were almost the size of a quarter. They were pretty solid but some had a softer yellow coating. I am guessing some are stones in the process of getting calcified.

So, that's my results so far. I am pretty amazed with Hulda Clark e right now. And I could slap myself for not doing this cleanse a few times a year in the past 15 years or so.

I will continue doing cleanses until I basically get rid of these cysts. I don't believe one bit that the cysts are "genetic" as medical "science" claims. I believe they are - as I had concluded earlier - a protective formation the body creates against foreign particles.

So that's my story.



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