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many things that help reverse cancer--on the cheap end
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Published: 6 years ago

many things that help reverse cancer--on the cheap end



Someone posted this on an article on immunology and I replied and since the reply held so much healing info, I thought I would post it here if it might help others as well. It also helps those without a lot of money like the original poster Wallace Dickson I post first what he said and then my reply below it of things I have found that help one with cancer.

he said ""Wallace: I have been unable to find "a team of medical practicers who know both Eastern and Western methods" of healing. And once found, I would be unable to afford them. The alternative healthcare doctors do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. The VA Healthcare program (where I am qualified as an Air Force Korean War Veteran to receive healthcare at little cost) does not recognize alternative therapies or treatments. I am "locked in" to the medical community's traditional and devastating cancer treatments. I am screaming for rational healthcare and it is unavailable to anyone of modest means in the USA! For me, it is like a death sentence! There is no affordable program that I can find that will provide me the tools, and the support, and the professional oversight for self treatment with herbs, diet, nutrition, and exercise. So I have had to go it alone, by myself. I research, follow good diet patterns, and exercise as much as an old man can do, but I still get diagnosed with prostate cancer and bladder cancer by doctors who are not more than crude butchers. No help at OK Corral! The Seven Principles you propose have holes in them, I'm afraid. But thanks anyway. I continue to self medicate in the face of incredible stress and emotional turmoil. I can't even afford my monthly rent, much less expensive alternative doctors."

I replied

Wallace. I have a lot of valuable and low cost help for you here. You might want to paste and copy this for later use

 I am dealing with aggressive grade 3 triple negative breast cancer and turned down standard of care which was mastectomy, removal and biopsy of lymph nodes and chemo and chose to do only lumpectomy due to the often permanent and very serious side effects on the brain including brain shrinkage, serious drop in IQ tested before and after, cognitive decline, severe memory loss and language difficulties sort of chemo brain but still there decades later. Being  of mensa IQ and seeing what drugs did that cause brain shrinkage to a brother and his devastating loss of memory and IQ, I was not about to opt for that.

I researched "too much" and was "overthinking" according to my doctors and "support group" that all did conventional treatments, No I researched enough to know that these treatments are devastating to the body and also often cause permanent damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs and immune system all of which are very important if you have cancer as your immune system is not working right already, the body must be very oxygenated by the lungs as cancer lives in low oxygen areas, the liver is needed to detoxify and the kidneys to remove toxins which are very involved in cancer so we need these organs and can not afford to risk permanent damage to them especially the immune system by removing our lymph nodes.

I was treated very rudely and like I was a freak for not doing what doctors said they claimed I was the only person in 25, 30 and 35 years respectively that did not do everything they said only one Dr said a few people did not do everything the doctors said and came back hysterical and riddled with cancer and then he promptly dropped them and refused to help them nice guy that he is (Dr Larry Lilly at riverside)they even yelled at me, used medical blackmail an coercion, when they canceled my surgery 3 days before after I waited 5 weeks and I sobbing begged them not to as I could die as the cancer was aggressive told me coldly that i wanted to die or I would have done everything dr said The doctor also lied to me, violated my hippa privacy rights which I was told by hospital staff he surely did to file a complaint to head of hospital but did not--yet--and he contacted another doctor I was seeing and said God knows what to then all I was told is this other doctor which I now needed to do my surgery when he canceled mine was now very very angry with me due to whatever they said to her, (she treated me with hostility apparently by something he said to her and yelled at me several times, they made medical errors and what they said was not true it turned out even per their own literature, they got angry with me when another doctor disagreed with them and I told them, they demeaned my questions calling them unimportant. told me not to go to support groups (I was pronounced after Dr Larry knew me 10 minutes to be "too depressing to be around" and "bad for the other women" ((in truth I am very compassionate and empathetic) and all that mistreatment because I thought differently than most Worst of all, they robbed me of trust and hope as they did not agree or seem to like me once I said I did not think I wanted standard of care and only wanted x and they talked of nothing but death and that is hard to get out of my mind now and having hope and belief you will live is so crucial as the best treatments wont help if you believe you will die so thanks for nothing doctors.

I also am classified as being in the lower half of the poverty level and even buying a used tire is a hardship. although this makes self treatments harder, it is not impossible.

First read these books the iodine crisis (prostrate, breast, thyroid and uterine cancer are all very involved with iodine shortage in body (iodized salt will NOT help) and certain vitamins are needed as co-factors as well as a good, unrefined sea salt like Raymond's real salt, Himalayan p[ink salt or Celtic sea salt all of which are sold in the bulk foods section at whole foods and not that expensive and also covered by food stamps if you get those.

Lugol's iodine solution with some searching only cost me about $10 and it last so so long. I was able to get almost all the vitamin/minerals needed by prescriptions on my Medicaid HMO (like niacin, vitamin c, b2 and magnesium oxide and others. I think only selenium was not covered,.

Go to the library and read that book "the iodine crisis" which you will find extremely informative. I was told on curezone you want to work up to 300 mg of the lugol's for cancer of the lugol's  

This protocol at the back of the book removes the dangerous bromide found in everything as well as chloride/chloride and fluorine/fluoride which pushes iodine from the body as it is the same weight as iodine on the periodic table and fills the iodine receptor sites harming the body and also leading to shortages of iodine in these areas of the body which need the most iodine..this has cured many people of cancer, and a host of other diseases, If the library does not have it try inter-library loan. If they don't either, then get it used on is by Lynn Farrow. curezone has an iodine forum for help and questions.

While there at the library get the books "your body's many cries for water". The water and proportional amounts of a good salt again cost next to nothing and cancer is correlated with dehydration which many Americans have and which is related to so many diseases including cancer.

A dry mouth is the last sign of it meaning you are very dehydrated. Pain is an earlier sign. Dr Lorraine Day who cured her large cancer without anything but surgery and told she would die without traditional treatment --as I was told --if I did not do standard of care is still alive decades later and used this book as one of the ones she recommends.

Also get book "cancer step outside the box" by Ty Bollinger who does the quest for the cure videos mentioned below, "mind over medicine", "eat to live", "green smoothie revolution", "green for life",  and "radical remission". Get the "china study". go to and download and watch the film forks over knives...

if you can go in on it with others, try getting the quest for cure videos with the 51 raw interviews or message me also download and watch-- fat, sick and nearly dead, some Gerson films, films by Victoria Boutenko and a host of other helpful videos all free,  So far the books are free, the vitamins co-factors covered by insurance and the iodine is 10 dollars and lasts forever and the selenium can be found cheap and the sea salt is covered by food stamps or not that much.  All doable by the poorest of people.

See what you can afford, how you might raise some extra cash and how you might get some of this like calling main food pantry in your city and asking if they have produce giveaways...If in a smaller city, research the larger cities nearby to see if you might get help there and drive there if necessary Some only require writing down your address and no id

See if you have a wholesale produce companies in the area that sells to the public either small amounts in a store there at the factory or by the case and see if you can find others to go in on it with you maybe from a cancer support group, health group or meetup group.

Buy in season and on sale and buy at places with cheap produce like aldis or some farmers market go for raw food frozen next with no added chemicals and avoid canned even organic. Dried fine if you do yourself without additives

With a temperature controlled dehydrator, one can eat year round raw foods as these can be set low enough that one can keep the dried food raw or get a regular cheap one at thrift store and use the produce in soups or things like dehydrated apple crisp or veggie and potassium broths..that are already cooked so it does not matter if not raw..I think one can even dehydrate in an oven...freeze some of it when you have a glut of produce for leaner times.

Check out the sites curezone first, prostate cancer forum cancer forum  has a plethora of things to do for cancer using a wide wide variety of natural modalities from massage to foods to herbs and so many more.

 also see

chrisbeat cancer site

Shirley's wellness cafe

scroll down to the words

Raw Food versus the Cooked, American Diet - The Great American Rat Experiment - See more at:

 and yahoo answers alternative medicine search.

Diet is very important. Many healings of the worst of cancers and terminal ones were healed as well as nearly all diseases with a 85% to 100% raw diet that was vegan, whole foods (only foods as God/nature made them not man made or packaged with chemicals etc just real foods --plant based which would include the mentioned things here. Organic if at all possible..taking fresh juices with no pulp made in a juicer even with conventional produce is as organic according to the maker of the first juicer (the norwalk) Norman Walker and father of the modern juice movement who lived to be between 97 and 117 years old as all the pesticides and herbicides are held in the fibers in which the juice is locked..when the juicer breaks the fiber open, it spills the juice and the fresh organic juice inside repels the pesticides as oil to water so it remains as organic even if sprayed as long as the pulp is not eaten. Save organic food money for organic meats, eggs and dairy if not a vegan. Avoid gmo produce (only about a dozen are gmo see Wikipedia for which ones),

scroll down to the 85% raw part and eat these type foods either 85% or if advanced also shows what cooked foods are best. These are what raw food are and are all permitted when trying to cure cancer with diet. Produce of course is key..raw seeds are very good too.

In my area, they have produce giveaways that are free and they have them in a number of areas and here they do not require living in a certain zip code so one could go to more than one. Depending on how many people show up, one can get limited amounts of a huge variety of produce both fresh  fruits and veggies or some time unlimited amounts take what you want..Some are even organic.,

I have gotten sometimes 50 lb bags of carrots for juicing, 25 lb bags of beets, cases of apples and peppers etc. Actually more than I can eat. They say when they have extra take it for the neighbors too on occasion.. I have gone to about 80% produce as so many many produce types have anticancer the rainbow and variety.

Go to the thrift store and try to find a juicer. I have gotten them for about $10 and it is one of the best investments you will ever made. Start sprouting broccoli sprouts It help kill cancer stem cells which are the only ones that spread..All you need is a glass jar and strainer or cheesecloth and rubber band to sprout.

Even if you do chemo and radiation, they do not kill the cancer stem cells and this is why it often recurs 10, 15, 20 years later,.,..they recently confirmed this year that cancer stem cells exist and are the ones that spread. Research is now going to drugs that target these dangerous cells but why wait to take some toxic drugs when you can work on killing these now with safe products.

You have to kill them and some of the things that do are (organic is best) broccoli, broccoli sprouts, blueberries, green tea extract, black pepper, turmeric, the diabetes drugs-metformin-and anything with ellagic acid like blackberries.

Ellagic acid is found in oaks species like the North American white oak (Quercus alba) and European red oak (Quercus robur) (can get this very cheap at bulk food herbs under white or red oak and make either tinctures (best) or tea be sure to use distilled or steam distilled water for the teas as being empty it extracts more of the phytochemicals that cure and prevent diseases.

An ounce of white oak might only cost a dollar or two..try health food stores or if none has bulk herbs, online at mountain rose herbs which sells 4 oz cheaper than many do 1 oz and are all organic or wildcrafted which is the only kind you want (as they contain 7 to 10 times the phytochemicals that prevent and cure disease over conventional herbs but if you cant afford it, then just use conventional bulk herbs which are cheaper and do still help. Better conventional herbs than no herbs. Dr Schulze who cured the incurables said he used 90% conventional to get his healing herbs as they did not sell many organic ones they do and he uses these. (white oak)

As far as other sources of ellagic acid which help kill cancer stem cells, the macrophyte Myriophyllum spicatum produces ellagic acid.

Ellagic acid can be found in the medicinal mushroom Phellinus linteus.
In food

The highest levels of ellagic acid are found in blackberries, cranberries, pecans, pomegranates, raspberries, strawberries, walnuts, wolfberries, and grapes. It is also found in peach and other plant foods.

One nonrandomized clinical study of men with prostate cancer reported that pomegranate juice slowed the increase in blood levels of prostate-specific antigen, a substance that is routinely measured to estimate growth of prostate cancer. (once the produce gave these away)

Get some apricot pits 

I just got some more of these for $30 for 1500 pits. I read one should take about 30 a day in three divided doses of 10 or 4 times in divided doses of 7 to 8.  

This laetrile related product is interesting as it contains a chemical that if in your blood and it runs into a cancer cell, immediately causes cancer cell death (apoptosis). I chop mine up in a mini food processor. One could add some sugar as a Trojan horse to get it to the cancer cell better if desired. If can't afford then start eating apple seeds and chewing them and apricot, peaches, cherry pits etc for vitamin b17

If you cannot afford modified (must be modified not regular) citrus or grapefruit pectin, see if you can get a free script for the drug tagamet (although this is not that good to take in general), it does the same thing as the pectin except it does not remove heavy metals like the pectin does..It does though help prevent the spread/metastasis of cancer by making the cancer slippery so it has trouble sticking together to make tumors and to a distant area,

It also causes apoptosis (cancer cell death) and also helps make the cancer cell more visible to the immune system..cancer uses a cloaking device so the immune system can't see and kill it and this protein coating kind of an invisibility cloak  is dissolved with the tagamet of modified citrus pectin (search for the studies)

Also the enzymes in the raw food and that is why all the programs that cured cancer anecdotally use raw food and juicing,  Also have read green tea does this and it can be gotten for next to nothing at Asian market..a few years ago I paid 69 cents for 20 bags of green tea that cost $4 at the grocery store. (don't use commercial green tea but home brew or sun tea your own) Anyhow the tagamet also prevents angiogenesis which is when cancer makes its own blood supply to being it nutrients and reduce waste.

Avoid any nonnatural sugars as sugar feeds cancer.  Dr Jimenez

says there are left and right spun sugars..right spun are God made like raw honey, real maple syrup, raw agave, stevia, date sugar, barley malt, fruit and these--in moderation-- do not feed cancer.. but left spun (man made ones) sugars like regular sugar do feed cancer so avoid all of these and products made from them. (that is plain old sugar =avoid). The spun refers to the way the molecules spin--either to the left (bad) or the right (good)

Important look for the quest for the cures video series..the first few are on youtube but now they can only be bought but a few copied them and a search might turn some up.

Also go here and do this program if you can afford it as this has cured nearly everything including the worst of cancers. if you contact me on curezone under the member name knowledge seeker, I can with an email address and request, I can send attachments from his  save your life incurables manual on prostate cancer and how to make most of the needed products yourself using 80 to 100 proof vodka and bulk organic herbs to make the tinctures at a far reduced price..the rest can be gotten at herbdoc. also see herbdocblog on left of the screen there. click on search by disease and on the right of screen scroll down to free books 20 steps to a healthier life and there are no incurable diseases are ones to read.

Also -very important-see his video series on many case histories, how to do his program and much more and his audios on healing cancer (excellent for hope and knowledge) and his tape get well all can be downloaded free at (I am sorry but had to remove the link as b i s e r who is the interviewer pretends to be sick and emails me for help and then removes the videos..he has taken down about 11 I had so I cant post the link on here or give it to anyone via private message so please do not ask but do look around..I hope people will not post the link as he will remove it from all sites even ones you know of and think he cant get it off as he did_  by typing Dr Richard Schulze in the search oh here is the link

Cancer also lives in a low ph environment, so eat mainly produce which helps alkalize the body..other things people use are I believe baking soda (research more), food grade hydrogen peroxide (35% kind only not regular 3% hydrogen peroxide) You take it by a drops schedule up to about 30 drops and then go to like every other daisy, every three days (look for this online) as I cant afford to use ozone generator or ozone injections to oxygenate the body..aerobic exercise and deep breathing often also help.

Also need to try to boost the immune system (some herbs for this are organic or wildcrafted  Echinacea tincture (herbpharm an excellent brand) and organic astragalus tincture (herbpharm or homemade) Look online for other things that boost u immune system like berries.

Something so simple as truly believing and saying aloud,, I am well /All my cells are normal/ cancer is gone in me said a lot will certainly help as there is a mind body connection with cancer..reduce stress, stop hating as correlated with cancer don't worry get too mad, or be depressed/atressed. learn how to better handle emotions and thoughts--positive. I recently read turmeric not only kills cancer and reduces inflammation it has the omega three that helps the take or make some organic tumreric tincture (tak 60 drops 3 to 5 times a day use clark's rule for dosing if you weigh more than 25 pound or less than 150 lbs. Also if have anxiety of depression, start eating about 4000 to 10000 mg of omega three fats,., if not a vegan, consume fatty fish, deep sea, cold water fish like canned or wild caught (not farm raised) mackerel, salmon, herring, sardines and anchovies good source or dollar tree has bottles of it for $1 Plant sources of omega three are flax seed, (grind before before eating), flax seed oil (store in freezer), raw walnuts and especially chia seeds (sold as salba which contains a whopping 2700 mg per tbs. this mixes well with anything and has no taste.

At the same time reduce bad fats like

1 saturated fats (found in animals/products generally)
2 most unsaturated fats
3 trans fats
4 hydrogenated fats

we get about 50 to 1 omega 6 to omega three fats when it should be 2 to 1 (2 parts omega 6 to one part omega 3) so getting about 50 times too much omega 6 fats. We need more omega three fats that are found in foods above or by supplement.

A tasty chia pudding is as follows..use plant milk, milk or raw nut milk (blend raw nuts with water and strain),..Meijer's grocery has some pretty cheap bags of raw nuts) add the chia seeds to the milk then add some cut up fruits and/or dried fruits, mix let firm up garnish with something like kiwi slices and berries..its good I had it first at a raw food potluck simple and yet very pretty and good tasting. But this (chia seeds) can lower blood pressure so check that).,

Another pretty cheap thing for cancer is budwig mix (search youtube for how to make) but use twice as much organic cottage cheese to flax seed oil..this helps reverse cancer she won several noble prizes for her have to blend it with a wand blender (I bought these at thrift store on occasion) till creamy and let sit a few minutes when it does it changes the fat to water soluble and bonds the stable protein of the cottage cheese (yogurt not as good at all) with the omega three fats.

She said she found the blood of people without cancer is red, hemoglobin rich but not so with cancer patients and theirs has greenish tinge to the blood but with her protocol, it reverses to look like normal blood again,...she did a full protocol of diet etc but many just use the cottage cheeses flax oil mix.

To it, you can add on top ground flax seeds or some add berries and nuts and raw agave. I do not like the taste and did not want to flavor with dressing as it might affect the fats which is how it works so take it alone) but I added organic ketchup and pickles chopped and then put only thinly sliced cukes green onions and pickles and it taste very good.


Juicing is very important..aim for optimally 6 to 13 --8 oz glasses a day carrot is best or green juices (or green smoothies also good)..citrus good for cancer, carrot, beet and greens and really any juice is good) to make green juices or smoothies mix any leafy green or herb with fruit of any kind in blender or juicer and also includes broccoli, celery, bok choy, in addition to things like beet greens, kale, collard greens, carrot tops, parsley, watercress etc..wild greens can also be used for it like plantain, leaves of daisies or violets, dandelion leaves, lamb's quarter, cleavers, burdock etc..

Smoothies are made like in a blender or vitamix and contain the pulp and can be eaten with food or pulp and last maybe 2 or 3 days in the refrigerator..juices are made with a juicer and need to be taken without pulp or food as then the healing properties good to healing and repair and not mainly digestion, drink within 20 minutes do not refrigerate and chew the juice. If you must refrigerate use a glass jar fill to tip toe with juice avoiding mostly air and cap, also juice fast and for this only use juices not smoothies.

Diet is very important get away from animal foods and go mainly raw. and vegan.try to detox the elimination organs of the body..iodine does some of this and you want to clean especially with colon cleanses (some use coffee enemas to cleanse and purge the liver)..other areas for detoxing are kidney-bladder cleanses, liver-gall bladder cleanses, blood cleaning (use herbdoc's detox formula with red clover), lung-mucus cleanse (see book detoxification by Linda Page for some of these or search online) skin brushing with a natural bristle brush towards the heart, do the hot and cold showers after skin brushing as done in the curezone incurables link above and the cold sheet treatment both very cheap to 1. increase circulation to the sick area and the 2nd creates an artificial fever which may knock out any fungus, bacteria, viruses that might be associated and cheaper than other machine ways of healing the body up.

Take an anti parasitical agent like maybe organic black walnut tincture --can even make yourself if you know of a tree, it is the green hull around the black walnut. crush that and add 80 proof vodka and to find out how to make a tincture go here

Read both posts (knowledge seeker is me if need to contact) on how to make tinctures is easy and I have saved as much as 90% of the cost making my own plus it is better than most herbal products out there. Maybe pick some red clover purple flower heads in the fall and double tincture that..burdock is said to be the herb for cancer..essiac tea might be a possibility it has healed cancer and many diseases and does also boost the immune system but you need to find one that contains the sheep sorrel roots most don't.


Many of these ideas are cheap enough to afford even on a low budget or even free.  The more you can do, I feel the better.   Some claim cancer cures merely by drinking 5 cups of raw carrot juice a day and nothing else (they say 5 kills cancer tumor and 3 cups reduce the tumor) but I would do much more for best chance of success. Iodine is important done the right way. One can make a cancer soup said to have healed hundreds of thousands in asia with daikon (white radish), daikon greens, burdock (but at Asian markets cheap), shitake mushrooms (dried) and carrots. Can eat the soup or if fasting strain and drain the broth.

Water is also key..drink half your body weight in oz each day..with it take 1/4 teas of s good sea salt per quart of water or 1/2 tsp per 10 cups. Raw food is key and lots of it. so is juicing and juice fasting. If you have a temperature controlled dehydrator, one can make things like raw fudge, pizzas, kale chips, raw potato chips, raw nut cheeze so you don't feel deprived  I got some eggplant a few days ago at a charity  that gives away a lot of free produce each week in the winter the only source in the winter in my city I know of and going to make some raw bacon dehydrate at lowest temperature setting (I think it is 105 degrees) massage the thinly sliced raw eggplant with liquid smoke and extra virgin olive oil and a little salt It is so yummy.


I am doing this completely on my own too and on a very low budget..see if you can raise money..I swallowed my pride and asked relatives even cousins  if they could help financially to try to save my life and some responded with a small monthly amount and one did a size able one time help for me and this has allowed me to buy some things to save my life I otherwise could not have..yes some ignored me and that hurt and it was embarrassing but if I had not swallowed my pride and let my need be known, I would not have had this help..also pray. I had to remind them that I am now the least amount us and remind them that is how we are judged and they will be repaid by God. Without natural help 3 doctors said I will die, so being able to buy some of what I needed to live is all true...

of course doctors don't believe in it so thought I must have a death wish or something No I want to live and that is why I turned down their toxic treatments. I hope this has given you (and others who might read it) a lot of things to research and watch and study, many ideas for cheap things that help and hope as there is not underestimate the power of natural healing and is tremendous and many have cured themselves.

Get some support and further help on curezone or chrisbeat cancer..hearing of others in the latter site who beat the odds gives you hope you can too. If you cant afford doctor care, this might be a blessing rather than a curse as chemo makes the cancer more aggressive and if 4th stage has only a 2% make it 5 years cure rate. Radiation destroys one's immune system and can cause new cancers. natural is the way to go..use bulk herbs and make your own herbal products..the biggest expense in the tinctures is not the herbs but the vodka menstrum but tea will only cost the distilled water or if cant afford just use regular water. Hope by learning and seeing good results in others will give you the hope, excitement and strength to go it alone if that is what must be done.


It will take some money, time and commitment but if you heal, and do it on the cheap you will give hope to others that they can too. Unfortunately, I don't think we will ever have true universal health care in this country that includes alternative and preventative carfe or much of a move away from toxic therapies to a safer, better natural ones that goes to the root cause and not just the symptoms. so we have to do it ourselves and be strong.

In some ways it is better that herbs etc are not tightly regulated or only doctors can prescribe. We still have the backyards, fields and woods to pick things if they ban herbs or something. we can still eat raw foods and juice and exercise and use urine therapy or the mind to heal..a survey showed 80% of oncologist and hematologists would not chose to do chemo for themselves or their families.  but other than maybe surgery, who wants their toxic treatments anyway..I read more die from the side effects of the treatments than from cancer


Wallace you and anyone in your situation can do the things I suggest....put all your mind and resources to forming a plan after much research and stick with it adding or subtracting things as you see fit even if the cancer leaves for the most part to prevent it coming back as it is harder to heal naturally the 2nd time around

Schulze has healed things like late stage IDS, fast growing pancreatic cancer, deadly lung cancer, blindness and eye diseases, hearing loss, arthritis, head injuries, people too sick to get heart transplants, both type 1 and 2 diabetes, ms, lou gehrigs and other similar nerve degeneration diseases, many cancer in people sent home to die by their doctors who sometime outlived the doctors and even diseases without a name..


His program found at the curezone link above and on the videos at (blank-removed) inc urable program videos check on ebay or amazon for b i ser (remove spaces) save your li fe (close space) videos that works for all diseases..also use digestive enzymes. Here is a link to Schulze cancer videos though Just read pineapple helps cancer due to its enzymes.  There is so much out there that can reverse this for you and make you healthier than before you were sick..get toxin situation and relationships improved or eliminated. Here is some recent articles I read see the ones on right of screen too. Bring a reason to live back into your life..don't think you cant beat this no matter what you are in as many have been told they would be dead months ago and can back from the brink of death


As Schulze says tomorrow is what you do and think today..and there are no incurable diseases,. he ought to know having cured so many of nearly everything with a 90% cure rate

Get all refined food out of your life. Plan ahead or bring food or juice with you when out as this is an area that might mess you up. I glanced at the prostate chapter on the incurables and the info is very specific and could not easily get it here,...he used lots of colon cleansing (herbdoc intestinal #1 and #2), poultices, massage, a prostrate formula and I can easily send this to you (free) if you contact me here send email with an email address (can make a fake email account if that makes you feel safer at hotmail or yahoo.I will send you the chapter and other ones on prostrate cancer


note to curezone readers I was not able to get all the links clickable so paste and copy into the browser if it does not click

also see my posts in this thread


best of luck


 edit--I found some more things that target cancer stem cells


it says this


"Here’s your 2014 New Year’s bounty: a heads up on what I’m betting will become one of the hottest topics in anti-cancer research– foods and dietary components that can alter cancer stem cells.  

You’ve heard of regular stem cells, right?  

Starting with the discovery of leukemia stem cells in the 1990s, scientists have identified cancer stem cells (CSCs) in a host of malignancies, including breast, brain, colon, head/neck, liver, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate and skin cancers. 

Most traditional therapies, however, including chemo and radiation, “lack the ability to effectively kill these CSCs,” and it’s the stem cells and their capacity to self-renew that drive cancer’s proliferation, according to many scientists. 

“Conventional therapies are directed towards rapidly dividing cells and fail to eliminate the rare cancer stem cells, resulting in regrowth of the tumor. However, recent studies suggest that when CSCs are targeted and killed, it will lead to elimination of the tumor, “ says one group of cancer stem cell theorists. 

Recently, several studies have found that a number of dietary compounds can affect cancer stem cells. Three compounds in particular are garnering attention because they directly target breast cancer stem cells at relatively low concentrations:  

curcumin (in turmeric)

● piperine (in black  pepper)  and

sulforaphane (in broccoli and broccoli sprouts especially. Remember to steam them lightly and eat along with some raw crucifers .)

These food components, as well as many more, also appear to be involved in inhibiting cancer stem cells indirectly by interfering with their abnormal “signaling pathways”—that is, the cascade of signals produced when molecules in cells send out messages.  So far, scientists have identified several signaling pathways that play a key role in the CSC’s ability to keep on renewing itself, and the same pathways are often implicated in various types of cancer. In other words, it may not matter whether cancer is in the breast or the brain, for example; what’s important is the underlying cell signaling pathways that have gone awry.     

While cancer stem cell theorists continue to work on researching drugs and identifying dietary components, you might want to consider adding some of the more promising nutrients to your diet. Here’s a list of other dietary compounds that scientists think may target CSC signaling pathways: 

● catechins—especially EGCG, in green and in white teas 

● feverfew–an herb often used for headaches

● hesperetin-citrus (On balance, I’d emphasize lemons, limes and sour oranges– and avoid sweet oranges due to sugars as well as grapefruit until the science on its effects are settled.) 

● isoflavones genistein and daidzein—soy  (If you choose to eat it, emphasize organic, fermented products such as tempeh, miso or natto in moderation and avoid soy protein isolate.)

lycopene- processed tomato products especially, also apricots, guava, goji berries, papaya, rosehips, watermelon (but watch the fruit sugars!) 

quercetin (may work in synergy with EGCG)— apples, berries, capers, cherries, citrus, grapes, outer layers of onions, olive oil, parsley, sage, tea

● resveratrol (may work in synergy with curcumin)—berries, skins of red  and muscadine grapes, of plums, of red peanuts 

  selenium (may work in synergy with DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid in oily fish) —Brazil nuts, garlic, broccoli, salmon, sardines

theanine—green tea, Bay bolete mushrooms

● Vitamin A—orange and yellow vegetables, dark leafy greens 

● Vitamin D3—sardines, sockeye salmon and sunshine, unprotected for around 20 minutes, especially at midday when the sun is high in the sky.  If you live in northern climes, you may just have to take a winter break somewhere warm and sunny.  Or talk with your doctor about taking a supplement."



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