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Re: About people saying women cause their own rapes
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: About people saying women cause their own rapes

You can't know the person if full of hatred, and to say they must hate God to blame the victim is evidence of your own internal workings. A person can be an atheist, completely convinced there is no God (therefore not hating God) and still blame the victim.

Blaming the victim is a way for many people to avoid worrying about that crime happening to them. If they can figure out how it's the victim's fault, that also assures them it couldn't happen to them because they wouldn't make that mistake. If that is the case, the blaming is self-defense for them, so they don't have to worry or do anything to make the crime less likely.

Many people look at a car accident and think, they must have been speeding or they weren't paying attention. They see a car broke down on the side of the road and they think the driver must not have been doing the proper maintenance.

How many women see a story about a woman stabbing a man and assume the guy must have done something pretty bad to piss her off so much? It's pretty hard for most women to believe a man could be an innocent victim of a woman's rage, yet every woman I know has told me stories of some psycho woman that hates them for no reason and tried to do them harm.

This is why crime stories are more shocking when the victim didn't know the criminal, or it happened in broad daylight while the victim was doing something innocent and unavoidable like going to work.

Other people want to believe something this horrible can't happen at all, so they try to twist the facts to believe it didn't happen, or didn't happen the way the victim says.

All of these positions have flaws, and they hurt victims that really just need some caring and compassion. If a person walks naked down the street with hundred dollar bills in their hand, the person who robs or attacks them is still a criminal, but we can legitimately say that behavior is riskier than other choices.

Women should have the right to drink around men, and treat men as if they can be trusted and they aren't all criminals. However, I don't think we can ever stop people from thinking such behavior is inviting crime. We can, however, make them less comfortable voicing it when a victim is around.


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