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California Senators Boxer and Feinstein Are Trying To Force Vaccines On The Public
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Published: 6 years ago

California Senators Boxer and Feinstein Are Trying To Force Vaccines On The Public

Senators Feinstein And Boxer Want To End The Right To Refuse Vaccines For Personal Belief

While Senator Rand Paul and Governor Chris Christie (who brought back bear murder to New Jersey) want to protect parental rights to refuse vaccines, Senators Feinstein and Boxer in California want more mandatory vaccines.

(Senator Feinstein while the Intelligence Committee chairwoman, funneled over 1 billlion in insider trading contracts to her husband Richard Blum. She also worked to sell naval property on the California coast to a Chinese company connected to the Chinese army. She has stated that she had a previous life in China.)

President Obama has sent a budget to Congress which asks for tens of billions more for infectious disease research (much of it on captive animals). Yet under his administration, the CDC has done nothing to educate the public on the main cause of infectious diseases which is the eating of the cadavers of animals (meat and fish) and the products of animals (eggs and dairy).

Mary Holland, J.D., is the legal adviser to the group Health Choice and the coeditor of Vaccine Epidemic, a book on corporate greed's affect on Americans' health. Several European and Asian countries do not require vaccines. There are 3 live vaccines given to the young all at once. Holland's son was sickened by the MMR measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, In addition, the mercury present in several vaccines damages the brain and is a cause of autism.

Senator Rand Paul, himself a physician, criticized the practice of giving as many as 6 vaccines all at once to infants. Others have questioned why hepatitis B vaccine should be given to infants since hepatitis B is derived by sexual contact.

During the Bush administration, Senator Frist of Tennessee, whose family are billionaires from their health insurance business, got passed into law a bill which gave drug companies immunity from lawsuits for vaccines. Therefore it is the public forced to pay for drug company mistakes while the drug company profiteering is private.

One leader in the group to force more mandatory vaccines is Paul Offit, MD, himself a vaccine profiteer. He refused to debate Mary Holland on Democracy Now, stating that he was better informed than she.

Pearce Wright, while Science editor of the London Times, wrote in May of 1987 that the extraordinary correlation in which the 17 countries receiving the most alleged smallpox vaccine had the highest incidence of AIDS could not be ignored.

The US military consider soldiers the property of the US government. It is very difficult for a soldier to refuse a vaccine. This writer's father was forced to take the Japanese encephalitis vaccine, which generated a 107 degree fever which nearly killed him. That vaccine is said to have caused Parkinson's Disease in many soldiers.

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